SoCS and JustJoJan Day 30 – An afternoon with my sisters

I spent the afternoon with my sisters. I pretty much invited myself, but I couldn’t help it. I had to get my baby fix in because it had been over two weeks. I also missed my siblings. Their choice of lunch was sushi, of all things, but it didn’t even matter.

(To be perfectly honest, lunch was pretty darn good. I stuck with teriyaki chicken and rice. I ended up trying some sushi, but nope. I still don’t like it…)

My sister made the comment that it’s pretty amazing how women can spend hours just sitting and staring at a baby and laughing at his faces and little baby squeals. Literally, the entire afternoon just melted away in Brody’s sweet baby face. It was also pretty amazing to get some girl time in, just talking and laughing about not much of anything.

We did discuss getting tattoos together, which is totally happening sometime this year. I’m not sure we have a solid plan yet, but it will all come together.

I feel like my blog has been flooded with baby, but I can’t even help it. I have to share his too sweet face with the world.

I just love this little guy!




I hope you all had an amazing Saturday!

Just Jot It January and SoCS are both hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt was “an”. I’m not even sure I used it in my post, but it made it into the title, at least.


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