Serendipitous Events – The Update

My serendipity just about ran out today. I called the insurance company to finish the claim on Jaxon’s phone and they are way smarter than I gave them credit for. They told me the phone wasn’t covered when it was lost, which is actually true. If I could have kicked myself I would have.

After the fact, it was easy to realize I should have used some mendaciloquence when I told them what happened to the phone. But, my first instinct is truth, and that’s what I told them.

I was back to square one – freaking out and wondering what the hell I was going to do.

I finally decided to call the ski resort, just in case. I described the phone and left my number. The person I talked to said they didn’t have it but she would call if it turned up. The plan was to call my carrier after work to see what my options were.

About an hour later, I received a phone call… and they had his phone!

I had to take a pretty scary drive up the mountain in the snow and rain, but his phone is home, safe and sound and it actually still works!

Keeping the insurance on it, just in case…


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