JustJoJan Day 28 – Serendipitous Events

For some reason, I have always equated serendipity with love. Maybe it’s because I saw a movie with that title (or something close to it) when I was younger and it was a love story. I’ve come to realize the word doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with love.

The story I am about to tell you is ongoing, so I’m not sure if the ending will be completely serendipitous, but I’m pretty sure it is all going to work out. Last night, I wasn’t so sure…

I received a phone call from my son last night letting me know he lost his phone while snow boarding. And it’s not like he left it on the bus or lost it in the lodge or on  the lift. No, he had it in his coat pocket that he forgot to zip up when he went down the slopes. I’m pretty sure that phone is buried in ten feet of snow next to some nice trees and they just might find it sometime around June, if ever.

I just got Jaxon a new phone in October. It happens to be a new iPhone 6S with 64 GB. His first question was, “Is there insurance on it?” And of course, my sickness deepened because I declined the insurance, not wanting to pay an extra $11 a month.

I was upset last night, to say the least. I knew I couldn’t buy him a new phone. I didn’t know how to activate his old phone on my account without messing everything up. Needless to say, I had a very restless night.

I was going to call my cell phone carrier first thing this morning, but as it happens, I was so busy, I couldn’t do it until lunch. Right before I went to lunch, I logged onto my account and checked to see if they were running any specials to add insurance on his phone, and wonders never cease, I was able to add it! I decided to wait and call them on my way home, and sure enough, they verified that his phone had insurance and they gave me the claims number.

I called and tried to process the claim tonight, but according to them, they need another 24 hours for processing. So, I’m hoping the events will continue to be serendipitous and my son will have a new phone on Saturday.

He did have to fork out some of his summer earnings to help pay for the deductible, but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than paying for a new phone!

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt, serendipity, was suggested by Jan at JT Twissel.



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