JustJoJan Day 27 – Mendaciloquent Answers

We all lie. I know there’s some of you out there who are shaking your head and believe me, I’m one of you. It’s hard for me to admit that I lie, but we all do it every single day. Sure, it’s usually in small, insignificant ways. I hardly doubt most of you do it in a mendaciloquent way (which is just a very big word that means “to speak in a deceitful, but artful and convincing way”… according to the Urban dictionary).

I’ve had this argument with the boyfriend before. I flat out told him I never lie and he basically told me what I just said to all of you at the beginning of this post. I’ve always thought of myself as honest, probably to a fault, and I’m not sorry about it.  But after our little “argument” I started noticing the little things I did, and sure enough, you could categorize them as lying. The boyfriend said “lying” is too strong of a word for it, but that’s basically what it is.

I believe honesty is always the best policy. But what if your honesty hurts someone? Do you still tell the truth?

I think I’ve learned that maybe the blunt, brutal truth isn’t always the best policy. There are ways to soften things so it doesn’t hurt quite as much. But that almost sounds a bit mendaciloquent – or maybe I don’t necessarily understand the meaning of the word.

Going in a more light-hearted direction, what do you do when your children ask you questions you aren’t ready to answer? Do you tell them the truth or do you evade their questions… I’ll tell you when you’re older, or ask your Dad

Again, I’ve always told my kids that I will answer any question they ask me. There have been times when I’ve asked them a question back… are you sure you want to know? Jaxon told me once, “never mind, I don’t want to know”. But Adelle, she’s like me. She wanted to know despite my caution and I think she was sorry afterwards. That might have been one of those times I didn’t need to be quite as honest as I was… maybe some mendaciloquent answers would have worked just fine.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s rather cumbersome but slightly enjoyable word was suggested to us by Coralee at Musefully Mendaciloquent.



7 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 27 – Mendaciloquent Answers

  1. I hate to lie, but I found me in one the other night. I was talking to Lorrie and I told her we were going to bed. But what we wanted to do was read our novel. I had to call her back a few days later and apologize for lying to her. Thanks for the good read.

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