JustJoJan Day 20 – The List (Adding things and checking them off)

I love my kids. I do. But it seems like whenever I have the best laid plans for the evening, they will inevitably  come to me with any numbers of things they need:

“We need to go to the store to get tights for the Shakespeare play at school”
“I need headphones”
“I need something I left at Dad’s house”

It can be seriously exhausting, especially when I already have my evening planned out. It’s as good as a list in my head…

  • Drive home
  • While driving home, remember that I don’t have an ingredient I need for dinner, so plan a stop at the grocery store
  • Get home and change into sweats
  • Make dinner
  • Eat dinner
  • While eating dinner, plan a trip to Walmart because Andru needs tights for his play
  • Clean up dinner
  • Drive to Walmart, adding a stop at Andru’s Dad’s for good measure
  • Get home
  • Write a blog post
  • Finish writing my resume that I am redoing for something I most likely don’t have time for

At this point, I’m trying to take things off the list so I can have time to relax. Last year, it would have been this blog post. But this year, I’ve decided that I am going to see things through. I’m going to write every day in January, even if it kills me! (I fully admit that it isn’t going to kill me…)

Do you ever find yourself putting things onto a list (even if it’s only a fake one stored in your head) just to simply life? That way you can check things off. I think that’s why I end up getting grumpy; because all I want is to check things off my list and sometimes it feels like all I do is add to it.

What does any of this have to do with the word surreptitious? Not much, really, except that sometimes I feel like I have to surreptitiously blog just so I can fit it into the evening. (That isn’t really true, but it was fun trying to use the word anyway.)

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt, surreptitiously, was brought to us by KG at Books, Music, Photography & Movies.



11 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 20 – The List (Adding things and checking them off)

  1. I only make up real lists when the ones in my head get overwhelmingly long. And yeah, there have been a few times when midnight’s rolled around and I’ve thought, do I really have to write a post for 2am?
    Let’s do this! And let’s not die in the process!! 😉

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  2. The list keeps growing..
    It’s like the list of articles open on my phone’s Safari.
    I open one, everytime find something that looks interesting, and I add it to the list and just assume I will get back to reading it later, but I hardly ever do. The phone doesn’t hold that many articles open so it starts closing some, when I add others.
    That’s how life feels a lot of the time.
    It’s anxious, a really anxious feeling, like a lot of life.


  3. Douglas Adams, in his indispensable book, The Meaning of Liff, (the dictionary that gives words to meanings that have no name) has this to say on the subject of lists;

    “Worksop: A person who never actually gets round to doing anything because he spends all his time writing out lists headed “Things to do (Urgent)” “

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  4. Wow!! That is a mighty big word. Enjoyed reading your post. Life can truly get very hectic at times especially when you have children at home. But oh don’t you just love them.

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