JustJoJan Day 6 – Cloud Gazing

We were at Jaxon’s football game in the fall when Andru leaned over and said, “Mom, do you see the dragon?” I looked up and sure enough, there was a dragon in the sky, almost laying across the mountains. It was the coolest thing. Probably the best part about it was how slowly it changed. Clouds usually morph pretty quickly so that even in the time it takes you to point it out to someone else, it looks different than when you first saw it.

Not the dragon.

If anything, it looked even more like a dragon 30 minutes later. There was even a tail and a partial wing that formed. It seemed like the more we looked, the more we saw of the dragon. At one point, there was fire coming out of it’s mouth, or so we imagined from the wispy clouds that formed near its mouth. It lasted a good hour or so before it faded into something else.

I love clouds. I love that Andru has always been my cloud gazing buddy. He has a huge imagination and is always building stories and worlds in his head. It’s no wonder we can point out clouds and the images we see to each other and without fail, we both see the same thing. Sometimes, I can’t even get another person to see the cloud I’m seeing, much less agree on the image it portrays.

One of our earlier hikes in the spring was just me and Andru and we spent a good half hour walking down the trail looking at clouds. They’re beautiful, wondrous things and something I didn’t realize I shared with my son until I started thinking about clouds today.

Makes me long for cloud gazing weather.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt, cloud, was brought to you by Geoff at TanGental.


10 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 6 – Cloud Gazing

  1. What a wonderful pastime to spend with Andru. He does have quite an imagination and I love talking to him. He is never dull to listen to. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. Memories are a treasure!!

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