JustJoJan Day 4 – Dog Stories!

I’m going to jump in the ring with more dog stories that don’t necessarily have anything to do with a dachshund, other than the fact that I have never owned or known one. Add to that the fact that I rather prefer big”ger” dogs, so a dachshund also won’t be in my future; unless something significant happens to change my mind.

The main dogs in my life right now are my kids’ dog, Max and my sister’s dog, Sammy. And when I say “in my life” it really only means I see them very part time at this point – Max because he lives with the kid’s Dad and Sammy because my sister lives about 45 minutes away and we only see each other about once a month.

Funny enough, Max and Sammy are actually brother and sister and my sister owned their parents who have both passed away. (Wow, trying to set up a dog story is actually more tiresome then just telling the dog stories, which I might not even get to at this point!)

Max and I used to be buddies. He considers the kid’s dad his actual “pack leader”, and when I moved away, I really became just the buddy, but he still responded to me and even jumped in my car at one point to go on a ride with me. Sadly, he doesn’t recognize me the way he used to. I blame it on the change in his household. There is now a significant human female in his life and when I go over to say Hi while I’m picking up the kids, I really think he just gets confused. It’s probably easier for him if he treats me like any other random person coming in the house on a regular basis. It breaks my heart a little bit every time, though.

Sammy is just a sweetie. She is the shyest, most expressive dog. I even started “Sammy” stories on my blog because her voice jumped in my head and I just had to write about her. Over the holidays, we were at my sister’s house where they got a pool table for Christmas. When they played pool, it scared Sammy so much, she literally climbed into Adelle and Jaxon’s lap to get to safety. (I’m still planning to write a “Sammy” story about it at some point)

Feel free to check out the Sammy stories by searching Sammy on my blog.

Here are some pictures, because, who doesn’t love dog pictures!

IMG_0298 Max

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt, dachshund, is brought to us by Just Fooling Around with Bee.


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