Sunday Photo Fiction – The Writing on the Wall


The writing on the wall
Sparkles brightly
A clear and constant warning
And yet
I ignore it to spend eternity
Wrapped in your smile

The writing on the wall
Keeps flashing
Warning signs in my head
And yet
I turn away
And wrap myself in our love

The writing on the wall
Remains present
Around every corner I turn
And yet
I see it less and less
As I bask in the warmth of your arms

The writing on the wall
Has changed
A declaration of peace
And so
I accept my place in your heart
And breathe you into mine

I think it is very fitting that I am starting Sunday Photo Fiction on the last prompt of the year. I’ve been following it for about a month now but have only just decided to add it into my weekly line-up. I haven’t been posting much lately, but I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

The rules are to write a story or poem with around 200 words with the photo as the prompt. My little poem is coming in at 101 words. I hope you enjoy.

Happy Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Writing on the Wall

  1. You ever amaze me girl. What a beautiful poem. It is so true though when you look for the love and good towards another you can change your thoughts to beauty. Love you sweet girl!!

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  2. Great story and wonderful phrase although it is actually the writings not writing on the wall, or originally the handwriting on the wall. I did a post on it when I saw the new James Bond. I like your poem and how you write. Great job.

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  3. Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction Helen. Sorry, I normally try to get to all the posts relatively early in the week.

    I like the poem of the heart, and the warnings, before the past realises it has no place in the future.

    Have a great New Year, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts 🙂

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