SoCS – Christmas is how close?

I’ve had a hard time focusing on the blog lately. The only thing I really want to do is crochet. I started early this year with the Christmas presents, but wouldn’t you know it… it probably wasn’t early enough. Maybe it was because I picked larger patterns for my family. It wasn’t just a quick scarf or those slippers I started and finished one but couldn’t figure out how to do any more. (I really have no idea how I did the first one and the yarn is a bitch to work with, so I finally just threw it all in a bag and it’s still sitting in a corner)

My brother’s wife is going to have a baby some time at the end of December or early January, so about two weeks ago I found the cutest baby blanket pattern that I’ve been working on. My boyfriend says I’m obsessed, and I actually am because I think about it when I’m at work; and when I’m home, I hurry through everything else just so I can sit and crochet the blanket.

I would post a picture of it, but my brother and his wife read my blog, so that’s not going to happen. Sorry guys! You’ll just have to wait!

To say I’m excited about a baby in the family would be an understatement. I’m getting to that point where I want a baby in my life but my kids are too young and in the family, my son is the youngest child. We weren’t surprised that my sister-in-law ended up pregnant. They only just got married a few years (or was it a year) ago, so chances were they were going to have at least one together. More power to you, brother, but I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t want to start over with more kids of my own.

I can, however, be a spectacular Aunt!

I just realized yesterday what day it was and that Christmas is creeping closer and closer and not only do I not have any presents (other than what I’ve made), I honestly have no real idea what to get anyone this year. The only person who actually told me was Adelle. Is it just boys? Do they just not care? I received an email from Adelle about a month ago telling me what she wanted. I asked Jaxon a few days ago and I got a shrug and, “I don’t know…”, which is his typical answer for just about everything these days.

Not entirely sure where this post is going or even where it’s been, but I suppose that’s all. I’m just really obsessed with crocheting right now and it doesn’t seem to matter how close Christmas is, or that I have things I need to get done. Chances are, you’ll find me on the couch crocheting like mad.

At least I’m creating something.

This random post is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday which is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œ-clo-.”  Use a word or words that contain the three letters in order, and base your post on it/them. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “SoCS – Christmas is how close?

  1. You go girl! You made me laugh because my step son and husband say pretty much the same than your son. LOL. Oh wait no: my husband actually uttered a wish this year!!! I am entirely excited πŸ˜‰ I’ll congratulate you when that baby is here. Please let me know πŸ™‚

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  2. Good luck on your crocheting. Hope you finish what you started. Enjoyed your post. Good writing as always. We are counting the days until Brody makes his appearance.

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