SoCS – Snow and Stuff

I tried to do a post this morning, but I ran out of time. I ended up scoring some amazing tickets to the local college football game today and we left pretty early so we could take the train up there in order to avoid the car crowds and driving in the snow.

Yep, you read that right. The snow! I like football and all, but the snow? I was so close to giving my ticket to my son’s Dad, but I checked the weather App last night and that pesky little liar said it was going to be partly cloudy today. I woke up to the sounds of someone shoveling the sidewalk outside.

I decided to brave it anyway, because really, how bad could it be? Besides, I honestly couldn’t pass up row 8 on the 50 yard line.

So, me and Jaxon stuffed blankets into a back pack and then I stuffed already gloved hands into another pair of gloves. I also managed a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie and a jacket. Just standing in the house, I started to melt and I had a moment when I thought it wouldn’t be so bad.

There was a lull in the snow on the way up there and I almost believed it would be cloudy and cold but that the snow had passed. And that’s where I would be wrong. Sitting in our amazing seats, the snow started to come down lightly at first but by the end of the first quarter, it was full on snowing.

As much as I’d like to say I had a blast, it was really just okay. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again, to be honest. I love football, but I’d much rather watch it from the comfort of my hoodie and warm socks while sitting on a nice couch in a nice warm house.

I always enjoy spending time with my son, though. He is so considerate and always takes care of me. He also offered his seat on the train to about five different people without any prompting from me.

All in all, it was a good day, even if I am still having trouble getting warm tonight.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is normally hosted by Linda G Hill, but today she is out of town and Pav gave us our prompt – “Stuff.”


16 thoughts on “SoCS – Snow and Stuff

  1. I’ve got soccer season coming up, and we invariably end up playing a couple of matches in twenty degree weather or so… and your post is making me realize how much worse it will be if it’s snowing to boot, lol.

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  2. What an awesome fun experience to be with Jaxon. I am not saying that the snow was awesome, only that being with your son was. Did you finally get warm? Love you sweet girl!

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