SoCS – Two Too Many, To Be Honest

When I was worried about the prompt I posted for today, I think I was really only referring to myself and how it hasn’t inspired me to write anything. I’ve honestly had a full, well actually more than 24 hours to think about it. I’ve tried not to because we aren’t supposed to plan our posts, but I’ve had a hard time getting it out of my head.

The one thing it did make me think of was a lyric to a song and I have been singing the song in my head all night (that’s what it felt like anyway).

If you follow my blog, I posted a song by Pentatonix two weeks ago and I’m not trying to use SoCS to post music lyrics (I’ll save that for tomorrow), but this was just too perfect to not link to it. They did a remake of a song called Misbehavin’ and this is the lyric playing in my head while I write this: “And I’ve had two too many, but I’m just doing this to pass the time.” UPDATE: Okay, so this is what I get for not really doing any research for my posts. Pentatonix actually wrote this song, so it isn’t a cover. Thanks to Lisa in the comments for pointing out my pretty terrible mistake!

Listening to the song made me think of my daughter though – even though the song is most definitely about relationships. I received a phone call last night from a very homesick Adelle and we had a good chat and a cry together. I can handle her being too far away when I know she’s happy and she is loving school and her chosen career path, but when she is hurting, all I want is to call the airlines and fly her home with whatever money I can scrounge up.

To be honest, when she is two miles away and I don’t see her for days or even weeks, I miss her. The miles don’t necessarily matter, they just make it easier or harder to get to where your heart is.

My advice, such that it was, was to be fearless and fierce. Haha, I have no idea why that particular word came into my head, except that there are only a few words I think of when I am describing my daughter and two of them are tenacious and fierce. Does everyone think there child is a badass, or is that just me?

Anyway, I know this post is all over the place, but at least I managed to put in the few phrases that got stuck in my head when I came up with the prompt.

I have a busy day ahead of me, but I’m planning to read everyone’s post at some point this weekend.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is normally hosted by Linda G Hill on her blog, but I stepped in to help out while she was gone this week. The prompt for today was “to/too/two.”



21 thoughts on “SoCS – Two Too Many, To Be Honest

  1. Hi, your article popped up in my automatic searches for Pentatonix. Misbehaven is an excellent song! It’s also an original written by members of Pentatonix, not a cover. There newest album is almost all originals.

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  2. My kids are away occasionally, boy is 17, girls are 8 and 10. I know what you mean about missing them. Kids add so much to our lives. Even more than music, they are the soundtrack. Trouble is, when they’re away, no Spotify playlist can bring back what they provide. Nice SoCS 🙂

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      • We homeschool. I’m with them pretty much all the time. It’s totally been long enough! When they’re awake, they’re very here – especially my daughter, who is every bit as much of a character, and then some, as her pink-mustachioed image up there on my header suggests! =)

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      • It’s a lot less challenging, for me, at this point, than trying to fit ourselves to a school schedule that wouldn’t fit.

        This life fits, in ways large and small, and far too numerous to list. Every day, these two surprise me with what they know, how they learn, what they choose to challenge themselves with…

        Maybe it’s that how people learn has always fascinated me, but the biggest challenge I deal with is doing the mass quantities of paperwork New York State requires. The homeschooling? It’s the way we live, purely natural.

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      • The way people learn is just a little bit more complicated but I have learned modeling and repetition combined with the interest of the learner eventually produce learning. It’s my best recipe so far 😉 Your kids are very fortunate to have a natural way of life and parents imparting knowledge!

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      • My son just came and told me there’s a small town in Alaska that has a 15 yo part Manx cat named Stubs as their mayor. We once had a Manx cat named Margot.

        We learn easily as much from them as they do from us. This morning I awoke to daughter showing her Dad how to play Minecraft.

        The photo in the header was taken at a local college, just after a outdoor performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

        Life takes us in many interesting directions, and I wouldn’t trade it! =)

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      • And a likewise tip of the hat I’m not wearing to all the good and passionate teachers out there. If one or both of my kids ever decide to give school a go, I hope they’ll have teachers who are in it for the right reasons, as your posts make clear that you are. =)

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  3. I know that both of my kids are badasses, each in their own way. And their parents are too, also each in our own way. =)

    I’m glad Adelle has you, and you’re right. It’s not the miles; it’s the pain of seeing your child hurt, and being ultimately helpless to get them out of it. The first time I felt it with Jeremiah was when Elijah died. With Annalise, it was when, at 3, she stared up at a passing airplane, her arms outstretched like wings and her voice teary, and asked, “Mommy, I’m never going to be able to fly just by flapping my arms, am I?”

    How, oh how, do we answer that kind of heartbreak? Made mre wish for a magic wand…

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  4. Loved your post sweet girl. I wish I had the ability to write as you do, but the words just are not there.
    Children are many times awe inspiring. They are not afraid to express what they feel. Too bad we are not that way.

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