#frapalymo Day 16 and 17 – Silent Strength and Hush

Silent strength

Take a deep breathe
Or maybe two…
Just a moment to collect
Scattered thoughts
Begging to rage across
The one I love
I close my eyes to shut out
The storm
Just a tiny pause…
Rage turns to pain
Collected thoughts
Calmly tumble through
Tears falling
I feel…
I need…
…I’m sorry
Blessings found in silence


Hush my love
I understand how you feel
Your pain is mine
Mine is yours

Hush my darling
Take my hand
We’re in this together
Side by side

Hush my beloved
Eternity is ours
Your reflection shines back
When you look in my eyes

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blogs The Bee Writes and Just Fooling Around With Bee. I have been battling a migraine for the last two days and after writing an introductory post for Linda’s blog last night, I just didn’t have anything else left to write poetry. (If you’re interested, I’ve linked to the post. I’ll be taking over Linda G Hill’s blog on Friday to help her out with the SoCS prompt this weekend.)

I’m grateful I found a double prompt yesterday and was able to combine them – yesterday’s was “silence” and today’s was “hush.” I hope you enjoy them both here together.




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