#frapalymo Day 13 – Just a Step Away

Just A Step Away

Rays of sunlight tickle the skin
Chemicals surge inside the brain
Until the change comes
And dark clouds cover the sky

Unseen shadows lurk proudly
In the open air
Muted light battling through the fog
Sadness lingers in a billowing gray blanket

Longing for home in heat and light
Chasing a distant patch of sky
Hope hovers desperately
Always just a step away

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blog The Bee Writes. Today’s prompt was a quote by Fernando Pessoa: “clouds without shadows. on the southside though a piece of sky is sadly blue.” The quote made me think of Seasonal Affective Disorder which prompted the poem.

I’ve never been diagnosed  with it, but I know I have it. There are times when all I can think about is standing in the sunlight; especially when it’s been cloudy for days.




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