SoCS Meets #frapalymo – The Woman and The Cat

The Woman and The Cat

There once was a woman
Who was introduced to a cat
A beautiful beast with
Dark brown fur and
Mingling gray stripes

The woman decided
To give the tiny creature
A chance

The cat, however, had a different idea
She snubbed her nose,
Turned up her tail
And otherwise caused
Catastrophic rumblings around the house

But the woman was determined
To play nice
She allowed the wretch
A place on the couch
And in her bed

Her reward was
A midnight wake up call
With a hiss and a pounce
The brute jumped on her face
And once she was awake,
Strolled casually away

The war had begun
Who would win
Nobody knew
They only saw the rapid
Of the woman’s sanity
As she played an
Age-old game with a
Rather cunning, all too knowing
House cat

I combined Stream of Consciousness Saturday and #frapalymo into one post today because the minute I read about the SoCS prompt, “cat,” and saw the “baroque picture of an old woman” we were supposed to write a poem about, it all just came together. I will admit that I got caught up in writing the poem and sort of forgot about not editing, so there was some editing, but for the most part, it came out of my head almost exactly as written. (It may or may not be based on a true story, but I wouldn’t admit it if you asked.)



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