SoCS – My son and his love of the game

Seeing the look on my son’s face last night when I told him I had box suite tickets to the local college football game for today was priceless. I would have told him about the tickets sooner, but I knew he had a friend’s birthday part to go to and I didn’t think he would want to miss it.

When I asked him about it, he said he would talk to his friend. The party starts earlier in the afternoon (which I found slightly weird for teenage boys) and he was hoping to go for a few hours and then leave. I said, “Once he finds out why you’re leaving, he’ll forgive you.”

Jaxon said, “He’s not really a sports fan.”

My response, “Never mind. If he doesn’t like sports, than he’s going to think you’re an asshole for leaving his party early.”

Jaxon spent the rest of the ride home talking about the game and how excited he was to go. It sounds to me like he’s going to go whether his friend never forgives him or not.

I know not many people reading my blog are sports fans. Maybe there are more of you than I realize, and if there are, even better! But we are huge sports fans, my kids and I. We were watching the Dallas, Cowboys game on Sunday night and it turned into a real crap-fest for the Cowboys. I love watching them play, but lately, with all their injuries, they’ve had a real rough time of it.

Jaxon counted down the hours all day. “Only two more hours.”

“For what,” I asked.

“Mom… the Cowboys!” He then gave me that look, like I should have known.

I was surprised he chose to stay at my house to watch the game. His Dad is a huge Cowboys fan too, so normally, he watches it with him. But this time, he decided to stay. There was a lot of swearing and nail biting and general sadness for the whole thing. Our cries of excitement were full of desperation.

The Cowboys ended up scoring a touchdown in the last two minutes to tie up the game, which was pretty miraculous given how they played all day. But, I knew there was too much time on the clock and, of course, the Saints went right down the field and got within field goal range with only about 30 seconds left on the clock. When I looked over at Jaxon, he was devastated.

Watching an NFL kicker set up on about the 30 yard line is a no-brainer, for the most part. It’s going to happen about 90% of the time. But wouldn’t you know it, the ball hit the goal post and boinged out onto the field. I screamed and looked over at Jaxon. He had his hands over his face, so I told him, “They missed, honey. We still have a chance.”

My son is a true football fan. I don’t see my son cry very often, but he actually started crying. He told his brother they were happy tears. I only wish the tears would have helped our poor Cowboys, but they ended up losing in overtime.

So, there you have it. My son and his love of the game! I’m excited to spend some one-on-one time with him today watching our Utes play, and it’s supposed to be warm and sunny, so basically the perfect day for some football – laughing, screaming, swearing and cheering!

This out of the ordinary sports post is brought to you today by Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt was to begin and end your post with a letter ending in “ing.” Feel free to click on the link and join in or read other amazing posts.



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