OctPoWriMo – The Choice

The Choice

The tell-tale signs
That life has begun
Eats it’s way into my heart
Am I ready to make such a choice…
To let life grow
Changing the course of my own forever
…or to end it all with a quick trip
Continuing on my uncertain path…

For some… the path leads elsewhere
For me… the choice was easy

Twenty years later…
Is a light in my life…
The joy radiating through my being
…when she calls and tells me stories
Of her successes… and failures
I know… in my soul
…that I made the choice
That was perfect
For us

OctPoWriMo asked us to explore a choice we made in our life that we wouldn’t change. I wasn’t too terribly young when I had my daughter at twenty, but it was still one of those things in my life that I look at and wonder where I would have been if I had made different choices. But every time I do, I realize that any of those choices would have given me a life without my daughter and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

OctoPoWriMo 2015


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