OctPoWriMo – the mess we made

the mess we made

storms threaten
to tear us apart
who’s right
who’s wrong
blame becomes knives
that cut so deep
dark red blood spills slowly
out of each tiny hole
along every wide crevice
until we’re drowning in
anger and
how many
second chances
to get it right
or is it just
never-ending turmoil
the dark clouds
obscuring the bright light
of hope
of love
that still shines
barely penetrating
the mess we made

The prompt for day 5 of OctPoWriMo was to capture a relationship or a feeling, show don’t tell. Relationship’s are hard and today, I chose to write about the dark side of things. I always have hope, though, and I will forever believe that love will conquer all. Hard work, definitely, but love for sure.

(Did anyone else have a hard time linking to the day 5 post? I had to just link to the general site, but I’ll change it if I can.)

OctoPoWriMo 2015


4 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo – the mess we made

    • Thank you so much. Sometimes poetry is pulled straight from your gut and just spills on paper (the screen). I’ve never been much for rhyming so most of mine is free verse. Love is hard but it’s totally worth it! Thanks again!

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