SoCS meets OctPoWriMo – The Happy Flow of Energy

The Happy Flow of Energy

Trying to be everything for everyone
       Escaping the demons hidden inside
               Expectations dashed
                       Feeling all alone
                             Guilt washes over hilltops built
                             A safe place to dwell

                        When does it end?
               The turmoil raging inside
        It ends when happiness becomes
A decision
And flows outward 
        Touching everyone 
               Becoming just enough for everyone
                        Instead of everything for none

                            Words flow when peace abounds
                            Breathe deep and let the chaos dwell
                       Somewhere in the rush of air
                As it cascades outward
        Leaving calm in its wake
Unexpected tales arise
From the happy flow of energy

I decided to mash up SoCS, where the prompt for this week was expect/unexpected, and OctPoWriMo, where we were challenged to free-write about things that drain us of energy and make it hard to write, and then transform it into shape poetry. I quite enjoyed this exercise and it was my first time trying shape poetry. Although, WordPress made that rather difficult as it didn’t transfer my formatting over from Word.

I spent a good hour on it before finally walking away and going to a movie with the kids On my return, I finally found this Advanced HTML thing from WordPress that gave me what I needed. I don’t know how I’ve managed to blog for a year and a half without having to worry about code and things, but I finally found the magical “thing” that let me keep my spaces.

The post is going up later than planned, but luckily, I’ve decided to go with the flow and let it happen. (I only swore a few times… well, maybe more… but I’m fine. Really!)

socs-badge-2015OctoPoWriMo 2015


17 thoughts on “SoCS meets OctPoWriMo – The Happy Flow of Energy

  1. It was worth the effort. I like it a lot. Breathe deep and let the chaos dwell… great line! I’m glad you persevered as your poem is inspiring… I needed to read it.


  2. I had a similar problem – but didn’t find out about Advanced HTML…I just fixed the poem on the WP interface….

    As always, I love your poem, and the emotion and intention behind it. Seems like it’s been too long since I stopped by to visit you! I picked a good day. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I’m hoping I can do it without the HTML stuff going forward because that’s so not my thing. Lol
      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s always fun to connect with friends here on WP, especially those you’ve known from almost the beginning. ๐Ÿ™‚


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