SoCS – Mapping a Route

On our way home from a long drive, my boyfriend and I were having a discussion about Siri. Does anyone else find it strange that we talk about her like she’s a real person? Maybe it isn’t so much strange as it is new. Or, no, maybe it is just strange. Anyway, he was saying something about how she can track the quickest route home depending on traffic and lights and other variables. So, even though we obviously know the way home, we decided to ask her to help us.

“Siri, take me home,” he said and she mapped out a route.

When he took the first turn off the highway, he was worried. It was a road he had never been on and, granted, it’s one of those scarier roads to drive at night. It’s getting more use now that more houses have gone up along the west side of the valley, but for a long time, it was used more for big trucks and high school kids looking to get a thrill driving fast on a long stretch of road.

We made it home in one piece, but we laughed about how Siri knows things we don’t and how she could have perhaps gotten us killed. Did I mention that I have jealousy moments with Siri? I could have told him to take that road… I could have gotten us home… Siri isn’t all that… Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic.

(My mind was going in a direction when I first started, but now it’s taking me somewhere else.)

I know there are many people who have a clear plan for their life – a route mapped out – and some of them stick to it pretty clearly and others are taken off course, either by their own decisions or other things that happen that force them to veer off course. I’m not sure I ever really had a plan for my life. At one point in high school I wanted to be a lawyer. Yeah, I’m so happy I didn’t stick with that one.

I feel at times that I haven’t had any real direction and I’ve had to adapt to circumstances and change just to survive. And it got me to thinking today that as much as a plan is good, life isn’t about a destination. It’s almost certainly about the journey and I feel that there are so many things I missed because I was more focused on the end result.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, the goal was to move into a bigger house within a year. That’s still the plan today, but I was so focused on not being here, that I didn’t even consider this my home. I finally realized that only a few months ago and made a few changes so we could all be a bit more comfortable, even though the place is tiny for how many adult bodies we are trying to fit into it.

And you know what? I am so much happier. We’ll eventually find a bigger place. But I’m not going to be unhappy in the interim, simply because I’m too focused on moving out that I can’t appreciate what we have.

I suppose what all this means is that it’s okay to take a different route, even though it might be scary. It’s okay to veer off course, especially if the end result is the same. Because if we miss out on something because we were too focused on the end result, then what was it all for? I can tell you that even if you find that perfect job or the perfect house or exactly what you thought you wanted, you will soon be looking for that next best thing.

Enjoy the journey. Life is too short to miss out on so much.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “route/root.”  Use one, use both, use them as they are, or add something to them. Have fun!



10 thoughts on “SoCS – Mapping a Route

  1. LOL I especially like how you have your jealous moments with Siri! She’s taken me out of my way a few times, so I, too, know she’s not all that!
    I relate to your post a bit differently, but of the same mindset. There are things I’d like to do to our house to make it more functional or more attractive, but it’s important not to get so caught up in that that I can’t appreciate what I already have. Gratitude cure, I say.

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  2. I like the “route” your post took 🙂 I think some of the best things are found “off-route.” I think that sometimes “off-route” happens for a reason, too. I once got very angry at my husband for getting us lost in the woods on a hike because he went off the trail. Turns out that if we hadn’t been lost in the woods for 45 minutes, we would likely have driven right into the path of a tornado on the way home!

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