Teaser Tuesday – Frankenstein City of Night

City of Night (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #2)

My advice for reading this series is that you should have all three of them on hand so you can just pick up the next one when you’re done. Luckily, I did, so I was able to move onto the second one as soon as I finished the first one.

I really love the build-up in this series. The chapters are really short and each one deals with a different character, so there is plenty of suspense. I also love quite a few of  the characters, even the ones who are basically throw-aways.

As always, Dean Koontz is masterful and keeps me hooked. Frankenstein City of Night has definitely not disappointed. If you like gruesome, you’ll really like the second one even better than the first.

The teaser today comes from page 65. I hope you enjoy.

“Among even the most controlled of slaves there simmers a desire – even if not a capacity – to rebel. Therefore, some of these slaves of Victor’s, all enemies of humanity, might in their hopelessness find the will and the fortitude to betray him in small ways.”

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by Miz B of A Daily Rhythm. Feel free to click the link and join in the reading fun.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Frankenstein City of Night

  1. I am glad that you are enjoying your books. We just got through reading Mismatched in Love. A beautiful woman who grew up in a horrible family, but worked her way through all of the horrible abuse and found true happiness at the end. Love you sweet girl.

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