SoCS – Finding Time to Play

Sometimes having the prompt be this wide open is wonderful, but then there’s other times where you make the mistake of looking up words ending with “ay” and there are so many that you become overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. (Just in case you’re wondering, that totally happened to me just now…)

So, I’m going to keep it simple and settle on a theme for this post that I’ve been pondering all week – more of a kick in the butt to myself than an actual interesting article to inspire others. Who knows, maybe my words will inspire others, but honestly, this is really to myself.

I started a new job in February and within a week I was asked to do something completely different than what I was hired for. I knew pretty quickly that it wasn’t something I wanted to do and add to that the stress of what I’ve been asked to do, I’ve pretty much been a different person for the last six months and it is only getting steadily worse.  If looking for a job was a simple thing, believe me, I would have been pounding the pavement; although, it’s not like I haven’t looked. I’ve had a few interviews in the past six months, but finding a job isn’t as easy for me as it used to be.

I feel more and more that I’m sinking into this stress thing; I play less, I smile less and it is only compounded by the addition of a headache. In the last three weeks, I’ve had a headache every day except for three. (I am working with a doctor and I’m on medication, but I wholly believe it is stress-related.)

So, what is all this whining about, you ask? Merely just a reminder to myself that no matter how hard I believe it might be, I really need to do the things I love. I need to blog more, which means writing more; I need to start running again; I need to enjoy the times when I’m not at work rather than coming home and vegetating because I’m so exhausted.

I don’t think I can rely on finding another job and having the stress just disappear. I honestly need to make the changes that will hopefully bring about a positive result in my work life.

So, my plan for today is to go on a long drive with the boyfriend, play my heart out with his fabulous company, and remember what it is to be me again. This won’t be easy. Don’t think I haven’t given myself this pep-talk millions times in the last six months. I have. One of these days, I’m hoping it will be the kick in the butt that I need to get going.

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday and that you find time to play, whatever that might mean for you.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-ay.”  Find a word ending in “ay” and use it as the theme/subject of your post. Play with it, I say! (I just want to say that I’m in love with the new SoCS badge and I like to think I’m the one who tipped it to this one. I think I voted right before it closed the other night, just saying…)



16 thoughts on “SoCS – Finding Time to Play

  1. I’m so sorry the job hasn’t lived up to your expectations. On the other hand, I’m happy you’re taking steps to do what you can to ease the tensions. Sometimes we lose ourselves for a while, but I think we’re always findable, if the intention is there…

    I hope you don’t read this for a while because you’re too busy having fun to check your WP notifications.

    I hope you fin time to run and write, even if only for a few minutes, this week. I hope that you can reconnect with yourself, in some small ways.

    And I’m glad that this is the week I clicked on your post, so that I can ask your permission to reblog it, and also so that I can offer you a cross-country virtual hug! (Helen).

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    • Well, we haven’t left yet, so my last check before walking out the door made me cry! Thank you so much, Shan. Your words mean a lot to me and I’m going to do just that. Find some time to run a little and write a little. It’s called baby steps and sometimes those are the most important.

      You don’t need my permission to reblog. I am more than honored. Thanks for the hug! Hugs right back to you, my friend. ❤️

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      • I hope they were happy tears! I’ll be reblogging you sometime this week (I’ve been a little addled lately…). Love the idea of baby steps – I use them all the time!

        Now, go play, I say! =)

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  2. Sometimes we have to step away and regroup and do what we want to do. Even if it is only one day out of the week. I like what Shanjeniah said: NOW GO PLAY!! Forget about your job and just enjoy that ride with Nater. Love you sweet girl.

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  3. I have to remind myself once in a while to find a way to have fun with whatever I’m doing, whether I enjoy it or not. It IS possible! If I can find that place it relieves stress almost as much as getting a break.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend my dear! 🙂

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