SoCS – Enthusiastic Hair Adventures

I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair for as long as I can remember. It began in early childhood when I was teased for the color. I’m not sure I will ever really love carrots because that word was used to torment me so much. It’s amazing how much importance we give to hair, but it honestly has so much to do with how we see ourselves.

I didn’t realize the full significance until I shaved my head. I also didn’t realize that by doing that, I would never be the same again. I’m not happy for the reason I shaved my head, but I am happy I made the decision to do it. It helped me realize how little hair defines who you are and has given me the nerve (or balls, depending on who you’re talking to) to explore new and different styles.

This has good and bad moments. I am currently six weeks into a hair cut that I have hated. It is finally working itself into something I am much happier with, but the first two weeks after I did it, I almost went back in and shaved it all off.

I’m realizing that some hair just won’t do what other hair does. I have really thick hair, so it doesn’t want to do the cute spiky thing, nor is it thin enough to lay down in a curly, cute way – oh yeah, and no curls either.

I also received less than enthused comments from my family. I don’t trust my boys because they’ll say whatever I want to hear right now, but the boyfriend didn’t like it and my sister-in-law’s reaction was “it’s different.” Haha, not what you want to hear when you plunge into new and uncharted territory with your hair.

Today, I am taking another leap into hair adventures. I am going to dye my gray away. Having it this short made me realize that I have too much gray to ignore and it doesn’t blend nicely and look good. It makes the color look washed out and there’s a particularly pesky batch right in front that will not hide anymore no matter how much I try tucking it behind other, colored strands.

I have to apologize to my mother, though. I once told her I would never dye my hair, but I did it at a time when getting older and turning gray weren’t even a thing in my head, so it was an easy promise to make.

I’m excited to venture into new territory and won’t be surprised if I throw all caution to the wind and get really funky with it. I’m just hoping it won’t affect the current job or any future employers I might be looking into. You might say I am enthusiastically jumping into uncharted territory and am excited to see the results.

My biggest fear is to have that old lady look and if I can dodge that in any way by dying my hair or cutting it, or shaving most of it off, I will happily, enthusiastically jump right in.

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11 thoughts on “SoCS – Enthusiastic Hair Adventures

  1. Helen I am always changing my hair, style and colour. I have been every colour you can think of. Right now I an not happy with my hair either in fact I took my Hubby’s hair clippers to it…. It is improving! 😉

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