SoCS – Ring-Ring-Ring

Am I the only one who misses the ringing of the telephone? How when you were all the way upstairs and you heard it faintly through the floor or floating up the stairs, you had a moment where you could either run and try to catch it or let it go. But back then, if you let it go, you always ran the risk of never knowing who had called because there was no such thing as caller ID.

I know cell phones ring and there is still some running to catch those, but there are so many different ring tones now that are customized to either the person that is calling or the owner’s preference. It isn’t just a *ring* now.

I know it’s simply nostalgia, because I wouldn’t go back to those days, but sometimes just thinking about it makes me smile.

I remember the phone was right next to my parent’s bedroom and there were times I would take the phone as far as the chord (what I mean to say is the phone line plugged into the wall) would allow and then even farther, stretching out the curly phone chord until it wouldn’t stretch anymore. It usually got me about four stairs up on the staircase that was around the corner, where I could talk to “whomever” in relative peace.

I also remember using the phone to prank call people. It was one of the more exciting things my friends and I did during our sleepovers. That came to a pretty quick end when *69 started to happen and people started calling us back. Now that, my friends, was scary. But they didn’t call us back because they saw our names on their caller ID or because they knew who we were.

Things are so different now-a-days. It makes me wonder how kids are now, having grown up with caller ID and phones right next to them. It actually makes me sad to think that is one thing the kids won’t fight over – who is going to answer the phone.

There was always that moment while the phone was ringing when you could wonder who was on the other line and if it was that one person you were hoping or wishing would call.

I feel like this post is a bit all over the place. The only planning I had when I started was that I was thinking about that phone ringing in my childhood home and my thoughts have kind of run all over the place with then and now.

Believe it or not, I actually resisted the cell phone. I told my then-husband that I would never own a cell phone. If people wanted to talk to me, they could call me when I was at home. It could wait, I remember saying. That is actually still true, but now, we are all so used to having it right next to us at any given moment.

I don’t mind change. In fact, it’s nice, but sometimes, the nostalgia does set in and I like smiling in the memories of the ringing telephone.

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8 thoughts on “SoCS – Ring-Ring-Ring

  1. No one ever calls until I’m in the bathroom. Without fail. I agree with the anti-cellphone too…trouble is, that it’s not like our kids ever pick up the damn phone to call us…unless I’m in the bathroom…

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  2. My parents’ phone was on the wall when I was a teenager, so I couldn’t go far. I hated it when the curly cord got straightened out and then bent in the wrong direction… it would never ever go back.

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  3. Goodness no, I don’t miss the telephone! The house phone rings, and we all just stare at it. LOL One of the cells ring and we all stare then, too. “Whose is that? Is that mine? Crap.”
    I will admit that those days curled up in the closet with the telephone cord running all the way to the kitchen are nostalgic and sweet, but I don’t get calls like that now.

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