SoCS – Some Exercise and Some Inspiration

Not all of you have been following me since I began this journey, but last July I posted about a tragic event in my life and how much it shook me and changed plans I had made for the rest of the year. I didn’t go into much detail since it wasn’t my story to tell, but today was a milestone and I can’t help but write about it, even if I have to stretch the “some” in there to make it fit into SoCS.

My sister was diagnosed with a blood clot less than a year ago and while I’m more grateful than I can say that she survived and it didn’t turn into a stroke or anything worse, I’m amazed at the journey she has been on and how long it has taken to recover. She isn’t completely there yet, but she has come leaps and bounds from that three-day hospital stay and needing help just walking from one room to the next.

Last year, my sister and I were engaged in training for the Tough Mudder. That didn’t actually happen and won’t happen this year. It was a long-shot when we signed up for it and I’m not surprised I didn’t actually make it, but just the thought that I could do it and spent four to five months actively engaged in exercise and working towards it is something I’ll never forget. It helped me see what I’m actually capable of.

Just to put things into perspective, last year, my sister and I were clocking 30-33 minute 5Ks and our times were continually improving. Needless to say, she hasn’t been able to run since her diagnosis, but it’s a goal she has set for herself. She loves it way more than I can say I do.

I’ve watched her in her darkest moments when all she wanted to do was go home and I’ve watched and listened to her reach milestones and goals. I can tell you she has never lost hope and never given up. She has learned acceptance, and (probably the hardest thing for her and me) she has learned when to push herself and when to accept her pain. If only we could all deal with illness and setbacks with as much grace as she has shown in the past year.

Today, I’m not sure if she had an ultimate goal besides finishing 3 miles. She’s walked two miles in the past few months, but I think it took her 45 minutes or more. Today, we walked 3.2 miles in a little over 56 minutes. The last half mile was a test and I wasn’t honestly sure if she would make it. She had a moment when she slowed way down and I told her we were so close. She said her brain wasn’t communicating with her legs anymore, but instead of giving up, she started telling her legs to move forward, just put one foot in front of the other, and within a few moments, she was back on pace. When we could see the finish line, we started jogging. It was a slow jog, in fact slower than what we were walking, but she jogged across the finish line. I have no doubts that she will continue to push herself and will get herself back to her normal running pace and we will be all over the race scene by next year.

She inspires me every single day, but today I am overwhelmed with pride and joy and hope.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt was “some/sum.” Feel free to click the link and join in.


17 thoughts on “SoCS – Some Exercise and Some Inspiration

  1. I recently walked a 10K for charity and I am so out of shape I probably should not have done it. Starting out small is always the best, and working up to a goal is extremely rewarding, especially facing obstacles such as what your sister and yourself are facing. You should both be proud. Well done and keep us posted!

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  2. Well…I tried reading this out loud to my hubby, but didn’t do very well. I hope you know sis how much you have helped me on this journey. Knowing you were going to be walking with me helped me leaps and bounds. I am so lucky to have such amazing people around me.
    By the way, I’ve missed your posts. Keep writing. I need to know what happens with the beach story.

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  3. What an inspiring message you have shared with us. I am so glad that you and Lorrie are so close. What a joy to see you two hanging out with each other and encouraging each other. You two are my daughters and I love you dearly.

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