Teaser Tuesdays – The Botanist

I am currently reading The Botanist by L.K. Hill. I am lucky enough to know the author personally, she is my niece, and I attended a book signing on the day the book was released. I’ve been anticipating reading the book since I bought it, but I’ve had a hard time finishing the other one I was reading. I don’t put books down easily, but after only reaching page 300 of 600 after a month and a half, I decided enough is enough. It very well could have had something to do with the fact that I kept thinking about this one!

I picked up The Botanist a few days ago and can’t stop reading… I’ve been so busy, I wish that were true, but when I do read it, I wish I could read it until it was finished, but I can’t, so I try to make time when I can. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on. If you like murder thrillers, this one is worth picking up. I’ve put a link to the Kindle edition on Amazon.

Here is a link to Liesel’s blog so you can check it out as well: http://musingsonfantasia.blogspot.com/

My teaser is from page 11.

“He could never escape the images. Eyes open or shut, asleep or awake, laughing or crying, he always saw them.”

Teaser Tuesday’s is hosted by Miz B of A Daily Rhythm. Feel free to click the link and join in the fun.

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