#frapalymo – Love Affair

Love Affair

The slow building of restless emotion
Pulse quickening
Soft gasps escaping from throat and lungs
My heart is taken
Stolen by words
Morphing into fantastic worlds
Spinning their way around me
Holding me gently in their soft grasp
A love affair
Forever bound across typewritten pages

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blog The Bee writes. Today’s prompt wasn’t completely translatable, but Bee helped us out and gave us the prompt “falling in love.” I also gleaned from the translation that it was about art and being creative, so I wrote a poem about both.

Thank you to all my readers for the support this month. I always knew I loved poetry, but I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I was forced to create a new poem every day. I will definitely participate again. Thanks again to Bee for putting all the hard work into the translations and making it easier for those of us who don’t speak German. I know some of them were difficult and I truly appreciate all she did.



5 thoughts on “#frapalymo – Love Affair

  1. Thanks so much for taking part and accepting the challenges. I am glad you found out how you love poetry. That is a great gift and I am glad that my little translations helped you to find it. I loved your poems and November’s #frapalymo translations will be on “Fooling Around With Bee”. By the way: I took Disqus off “The Bee Writes…” so it should be easier now to comment over there. Have a great new week and a great new month!

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