#frapalymo – The Journey

The Journey

Embracing the cacophony
As it spins through awareness
Colors pop from velvet petals
Dramatically powerful silk
In the first light of morning
Warbling birdsong echoes
Surrounded by poignant spaces
Of a deep blue lake
Soaring through the azure sky
A destination unknown
To find the elusive answer
Thoughts and whims
A chorus of haunting melodies
Intuition grabs hold
So bright a light
A fragrant blanket
Raging fires ablaze
Along the edges of isolation
Searching for joy
Pulsing softly across my skin
A feather touch falls
As winding miles float by
New growth awakens
Breathe deeply
Enjoy the now
The only choice
Fluttering hearts beating faster
Holding hands and screaming
Bright… safe… peaceful… love

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blog The Bee writes. Today’s prompt was to make a cento out of our own #frapalymo poems. I tend to take things very literally, so I went back to every one of my poems and grabbed a line from each. I had to move them around a bit in order to get a flow, but I think they all work rather well together and despite the dark, haunting poems in the mix of all the others, I think it sums up my poetry journey nicely.


5 thoughts on “#frapalymo – The Journey

  1. Great cento. I did the same with mine and I believe it is a great idea. Am considering to that for my last “A Prompt A Day For Bee” poem on Monday. But that would be a poem of 365 lines and I am not sure I want to do such a mega cento 🙂

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