#frapalymo – The Little Girl and the Fish

The Little Girl and the Fish

Once upon a time
A little girl
Held tight to her daddy’s hand
As he led her to the banks
Of a deep blue lake

He showed her how
To cast her line
And reel it in slowly
The enticing lure bobbing
Taunting the fish to bite

She was tired
She was bored
But finally, she felt the thrilling pull
And she screamed and jumped
Pulling with all her might

She finally hauled in her catch
With her daddy’s help, of course
But alas,
Upon seeing the fish he declared
It’s too small, so she had to set it free

Only the fish didn’t swim to freedom
The hook had completed it’s deadly job
Within moments she saw
The fish floating away
Such a tiny fish, such a huge waste

As you might expect,
That was the last time
The little girl cast her line
Because she realized even then
That even a fish is a precious life

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and translated by Bee on her blog The Bee writes. Today’s prompt is “fish of the year 2015: the huchen.” I am not at all familiar with the fish or the Danube where it can be found, so I was thinking I was going  to skip this one when I remembered my one and only fish story. I think it turned out quite well in poetry form. I hope you all enjoy. (Updated with links)



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