SoCS – What’s in a Name

Not everyone has a story to tell about how they were named or how they named their children. I know I was named after both my grandmothers and I’ve always said I felt like my parents did it backwards. I never really liked my name, but honestly, if I really look at it and add in what my first name means, I would say it probably fits better than I ever realized. Or maybe I just settled into it.

I don’t have a story to tell about how we chose Adelle’s name. I started looking in a book of baby names and loved the name when I came across it. And it fits her. I know it drives her nuts to be compared to  the singer, Adele, especially when people ask if she was named after her when they are roughly the same age. How that is even a question she gets baffles me, but she does. I think we all want to feel unique, even in our name.

Jaxon, on the other hand, has a perfectly beautiful story that I love to tell. His Dad and I were at a concert for the pianist, Lorie Line, before he was even conceived. She was playing and in between songs she would comment or try to include the audience. Before she played one song, she told a story about how she had written the song and recorded it on a tape that she was playing in the car for her son. When it was finished, she turned to him and asked him if he liked the song. He turned to her and said, “Mom, that’s why you’ll always be my girl.” The song was titled “Jackson’s Girl” and it was the song that played when I walked down the aisle when I married his Dad. We always knew if we had a son that we would name him Jaxon (I just didn’t ever want him to be Jack, so I changed the spelling).

Andru was a bit of a surprise and not having a name picked out, we battled quite a bit. I honestly wanted to name him Gabriel, but his Dad wasn’t having it. I finally gave in and we named him after one of his Dad’s favorite baseball players (something I swore I would never do!). To this day, I believe I was right and my son is more of a Gabriel. No one really agrees with me, and maybe he is another case like me, where he has grown into his name and it suits him now.

I’m interested to know what everyone here thinks. Do you believe names matter and we should have been named something other than what we were? Do you believe our names mean anything aside from just something to call each other?

I’m inclined to believe that names have meanings beyond what we give them and we can be inspired when we name our children. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but it is definitely something to think about.

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15 thoughts on “SoCS – What’s in a Name

  1. I am not sure what I think about names, I only know mine embarrasses me ! I envy my sisters with their normal names and my brothers too. There for my husband and I chose straightforward names for our three boys!
    I do wonder though how the Romi Stars, Skys, Beaus, Pixie Lulabels, and Gosimas …. don’t get me started on the boys Brooklyn, Romeo, of the world will cope with their names …. or what will they call their children!
    That said you children all have beautiful names!! 😉 xxxx

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    • I do sometimes wonder what people were thinking when they named their children. I suppose, if you think about it, it’s a selfish thing because we pick a name we like and hope (or don’t care?) if it suits the baby, child and adult they eventually grow up to be.

      I love your name, but I completely understand not loving the name that was picked for you. ❤


  2. In Tibetan culture, babies are named after they’re a year or so old, when their nature reveals itself…

    We named Jeremiah after a season when my husband had three young men of that name on his staff. We were looking for something a little different, but not too strange…

    His middle name is my maiden surname.

    For Annalise, we have a better story…

    I wanted her to be Elyse, because I loved the name, but Accomplice said it wasn’t ‘a real name’.

    He was in favor of Annalee, which, aside from being more plain than I was hoping, was the name of a coworker he had a little crush on, and reminded me uncomfortably of the Poe poem, “Annabelle Lee”…

    We pushed the two together, and created Annalise (which happens to be a more popular name in Europe, and the name of a Disney princess, but we didn’t know those things then!). I also think I was subconsciously attempting to use some form of Anais, for Anais Nin, but I only realized that later…

    For her middle name, we wanted something with family history, but everything we could think of sounded very masculine, and didn’t fit with Annalise…

    Until we thought of Sedona, Arizona, where we had our first date. So Annalise Sedona she is, and, thus far, she loves it.

    And it does fit our Force of Nature Daredevil Diva – almost unbelievably perfectly….

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  3. Hi Helen, I love your name and it’s one of a goddess so you can maybe let go of your dread a little :-). My name “Beatrice” means “She who brings happiness” and strangely that is what I am always trying to do. My second name is Elisabeth which is chosen in commemoration of my mothers older sister who died before I was born. It apparently means “Devoted to God” and I am not sure what to make of it. But it’s funny that both are quite English names. My mother though was rather a friend of France that is why she rather chose the French “Beatrice” instead of the German “Beatrix”. Have a great evening

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    • Thank you for sharing. I don’t dread my name as much as I used to. And you’re right; who wouldn’t want to share a name with a goddess.

      My middle name is Elizabeth as well! I always tell people I believe in God, just not in the same way they might. So I can see how it fits, me anyway. 🙂

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  4. Names matter because we form our identity around them! And thanks to my name, I have had some great memories and pretty awesome nicknames. I am sure the way I think of my myself would have been different if I had some other name.
    But I don’t support being named after someone. Unnecessary pressure and comparisons are drawn – I pity all the babies named Khaleesi! I do wish the parents had waited to see the END of the series before saddling their kids with such a name 😀

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    • I can see how there is some pressure to live up to a name. We do create our identity around our names that’s why I wonder why some people name their children the way they do. I think there maybe needs to be more care and thought behind it.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


  5. I grew into my name like you, and I always knew if I had a daughter that I wanted to continue passing on Edith as it is significant on both my parents lines. My son on the other hand was a battle. I wanted to name him Nathan, but my husband wanted Ryan so we compromised, making his initials R N R instead of want I wanted, N R R.

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  6. Grandma wanted to name me Charlotte after her mother. But my dad won out and my first name was Edith in memory of his daughter Edith who died in a fire. I always wanted to be Charlotte but I am OK with Edith. I don’t even know what it means. I will have to look into that someday. I am glad that you like your name now. I felt confident that you were Helen Elizabeth. Those names are so beautiful.

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