#frapalymo – The Extreme Weight of Hopeless Thoughts

The Extreme Weight of Hopeless Thoughts

moments swim by
images blurring
each a sharp pain
as it spins through awareness
the dull haze of daylight
barely eeks through
tumultuous clouds hovering
ever near
drowning out raucous screams
silencing the call
for help
no escape
no release
from a mind
dulled by ravages of
extreme sadness
overwhelming grief
of nothing
nothing is wrong
everything hurts
pull up the darkness
from the extreme weight
of hopeless thoughts

@FrauPaulchen is hosting a poetry challenge in May. Thanks to Bee’s translation on her blog The Bee Writes, I am taking part. Today’s prompt was “exceedingly.” I don’t know why it spurred me to write a poem about depression. I suppose it’s that lie we tell ourselves and hear from others – “I’m exceedingly fine!”; when the truth is, “I’m so overwhelmingly sad, but I don’t want to tell the truth because the truth hurts not just me, but you too.”

Depression sucks and there are times when there is no way out except to accept it for the moment knowing (but not really believing in that moment) that it will get better. And you know what? It does. So just hold on. ❤




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