Y is for Yogurt

I’ve always really loved yogurt. It was always a somewhat healthy food that felt like you were cheating and actually eating a dessert. The funny thing is, I always got the fruit kind thinking it was healthier than the ones that had “cheesecake” or “cream” somewhere in the name. It probably isn’t even close to true, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little deception with yourself about food.

I don’t remember when my mom started buying it when I was a kid, but I do remember it was always that thing I could grab from the fridge that was ready to go and it would usually fill me up for a meal. That was when I was a kid, though. Now, it fills me up for like an hour before I have to eat something else.

My favorite way to eat yogurt is with granola. I found this amazing granola at Trader Joe’s that is only $3, which is pretty inexpensive for granola, and I love taking a handful and throwing it in a bowl with the yogurt. I tend to like all the odd fruit flavors, like blackberry and pomegranate. I actually found some pumpkin Greek yogurt last year. It was a bit too bitter for me, but given how much I love pumpkin, I will most likely eat it again. They didn’t have it in the standard yogurt, which made me a bit sad.

I’ve pretty much been somewhere in the back of the room when it comes to Greek yogurt. It isn’t my favorite kind of yogurt and I’m a little shocked at how much it has shown up recently. Every brand seems to have a Greek variety now. I suppose it has its place in certain things, but to just eat it plain is not what I think of as yummy.

The other thing I don’t really like is chunks of fruit in yogurt. If you hadn’t already figured it out in how much I’ve covered in my food posts, I have a thing for chunks in food that should be creamy and soft. I will also not eat food if there is a weird texture going on, and sometimes those chunks of fruit fall into the “weird texture” category (I’m looking at you strawberry!).

I would love to hear your yogurt stories in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Y is for Yogurt

  1. I love the light & fit Greek yogurt with fruit. When I first tasted it it was almost like eating chalk. But the more I ate it the more I really enjoyed it. Great post!

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