W is for Wine

I know I already kind of talked about wine in my post about grapes, but I did a little teaser about my trip to Windsor, California and to be honest, I can’t think of a better time to post about it. Besides, I had to switch things around and what I was originally going to post about for W is now going to be used on another letter.

I took a few winery tours on the trip, but I can’t remember a thing about what they told us and how wine is made. It was really interesting and I’m happy I went, but I was enjoying quite a bit (read a lot) of wine both on the tours and back at the hotel room and most of the information was lost. So, most of this post will be pictures.

I’m happy I found the pictures, though, because they are truly lovely.

One of the first places we went was the Jordan Winery. It was super cool to recognize the label, although up until that day, I’d never bought a bottle of Jordan wine because it’s on the more expensive side. One of our friends got us a private tour which included a tasting with different foods. It was pretty fabulous.

PICT1292 PICT1290 PICT1289 PICT1294PICT1306PICT1295

On the second day, some of us paid a local guy to drive us around to a bunch of different wineries. He was a trooper, hanging out all day with ten women who were drinking wine and being loud and ridiculous. He took us to some places that most people probably wouldn’t have visited if they were trying to do a tour on their own. I remember some of the names, but not all.

We visited Kaz winery where for some reason, I remember their homemade mustard the most. They also allowed us to bottle our own wine and take it with us for $20. We went to Korbel, which is champaign, but I finally found out I like dry champaign. I also found my favorite champaign, which they don’t normally carry here, but every once in a while I can find it. It’s the Rouge Champaign which is a dark red and very dry. It’s delicious.

I don’t remember the names of the other places, but we visited four or five in one day and had a blast.

PICT1303 PICT1300 PICT1298 PICT1297 PICT1296PICT1333 PICT1326 PICT1318 PICT1308

If you enjoy wine and have never visited a winery, I would highly suggest it. Actually, I would suggest it even if you don’t like wine. It was simply beautiful, the scenery and the buildings!

I’m pretty sad that alcohol doesn’t really like me and I’ve made the decision to give it up. I think I will miss wine the most, although I can’t guarantee that I’ll never drink it again. I might have a glass here or there, just to inhale the scent of it and enjoy the taste of it. I just can’t enjoy it the way I used to.

What about you? Have you ever visited a winery?


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