V is for Vanilla

I’ve talked quite a bit about vanilla on my month-long blog fest of food. I use it when I make French Toast and I think I mentioned vanilla ice cream when I posted about one of my favorite desserts. As I was thinking about it, I was wondering how much of a difference it makes in things like cookies. I’ve never left it out of the dough when I’ve made cookies because I’m such a perfectionist, but does it really make that huge of a difference? I was wondering that when I made French toast last week, but as I thought about it, I smelled the vanilla and I realized it probably did add that extra something to whatever recipe you might be making.

I used to love vanilla ice cream, but now they’ve started making all sorts of different kinds of vanilla ice cream. There’s French vanilla and vanilla bean and home-style vanilla. I ended up buying plain vanilla ice cream a few months ago and I realized I didn’t like it. I was so used to eating the French vanilla or vanilla bean that the plain vanilla just didn’t cut it anymore. Granted, I always add chocolate syrup to it, so it’s not that horrible, but it was definitely different.

I’m also a huge fan of vanilla-scented candles, especially when it’s combined with cinnamon. There’s just something so heady about it and when I think about the scent, it makes me feel like home. I’m also a huge fan of the Warm Vanilla Sugar scented lotion and fragrance from Bath & Body Works. I haven’t had it in quite a while since I got so caught up in Japanese Cherry Blossom, but I know they’re having a huge sale right now, so I might be stopping by there some time this weekend. I’m thinking a change is in order, even if it is a change back to another favorite.

Vanilla – even just the word is calming and makes me feel like taking a huge breath and just sitting in the moment, peacefully taking in the smell of it, the hints of it in the food I eat.


13 thoughts on “V is for Vanilla

  1. I love Vanilla too the smell is exquisite!! O love it in cakes, ice cream, milkshakes and my husband makes the most amazing chocolate and lemon vanilla cheesecake to die for. I also love any soaps lotions or creams that smell of vanilla. Xxxx

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  2. I still like French Vanilla the best. And the good stuff, not the $1.99 for a bucket stuff.

    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    V is for Vortex (of the paranormal nature)

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  3. I love the flavor of vanilla, and the scent. I don’t use it in my home because I don’t want the house to smell like something is cooking cause I’m on a special diet and it is just torture. So I go with scents of nature and it’s much better.

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  4. I think vanilla does make a big difference in cookies especially if you put enough. Vanilla ice cream has never been my most favorite. Like you I add chocolate to enhance the flavor. Vanilla candles are OK, but they don’t seem to be very strong or give off a good scent. Any way loved your post. Love you sweet girl.

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