S is for Salsa

Bringing home a guy to meet the parents can be a stressful situation. Add to that an already horrific track record and the fact that the guy I was dating at the time wasn’t entirely white, and the stress level shot through the roof. All I can do now is laugh at how ridiculous it was for everyone, although at the time, it was mortifying.

In my early twenties, I brought home the boyfriend at the time to meet the parents. He was born and raised here in the states, but his dad was born in Mexico City. I don’t know what exactly prompted my mother to make tacos for dinner, but she did. Maybe it was already taco night and we just made an unlucky choice, or maybe she decided to make them after finding out a little about the guy. I can’t really say now, but I can tell you it was a disaster.

The tacos consisted of browned hamburger with taco seasoning, tortillas straight out of the package (not heated at all) and condiments like lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. When we all sat down and started building our tacos, the guy I brought home asked if we had any salsa. My mom jumped up and ran to the kitchen and brought back a gallon of Pace Picante sauce. He was very polite and ate everything he put on his plate, but I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when he asked for salsa.

My salsa tastes have changed pretty drastically over the years. I used to like really pasty, sauce-y salsa with not a lot of chunks. I also preferred it very mild. Now, I’ve taken the heat level up a notch to medium (I know, I’m still a wimp) and I like salsa that is more fresh with chunks of tomatoes and onions and cilantro. There’s a grocery store near my house that carries a bomb salsa that I can’t get enough of. I buy it two at a time and love it just plain with my lime tortilla chips. Yummy!

Feel free to share your awkward food dates in the comments. I can’t possibly be the only one with such a story.


8 thoughts on “S is for Salsa

  1. I love salsa – and exactly the way you described. I need those chunks, otherwise it is just plain ol’ tomato ketchup! We don’t have many tales of bringing the guy home here in India, as dating is generally not so openly accepted by parents – unless you are serious 😛 But there has been many a times with my friends raiding the kitchens and fridge and concocting random stuff – and my parents were the one to bravely swallow them down 😀

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  2. Salsa hot hot hot! My worse moments with food were when we had my in-laws round for dinner and I served egg salad and my mother in law asked where the meat was!! Then the time my brother brought his then wife round for dinner ( they are long divorced now 40yrs + ) she was muslin and I had done a ham salad, it was in my defense the first time I had met her and I was young and ignorant. My brother told me that she did not eat ham . In a panic I looked in the fridge I shouted would you like a bacon sandwich!? Need I say more?

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  3. So many times I did not like dinner guests because I was such a perfectionist and wanted everything to be just right, and when it was not I freaked out. I am still that way. Oh, how we judge ourselves!

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