N is for Nachos

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy foods, so when I say I like nachos, it’s really the no jalapeño type of nachos that you can sometimes order as an appetizer in a restaurant. I haven’t ordered them in a restaurant for a long time because they can be so random and I’m not always a fan of what can be put on them.

I make a yummy version of them at home, but I think they are only as good as whatever salsa is sitting in the fridge. The best tortilla chips to use are the lime flavored ones and I like to use medium cheddar cheese. I usually make them with the leftover meat from “taco” night. Sprinkle a bit of that on top of the lime tortilla chips, put shredded cheese on top and melt it all in the microwave. Then I slice up grape tomatoes, put sour cream randomly over the whole thing and then salsa. Yum!

I realized, though, when I was younger, that not all cities carry nachos as an appetizer in their restaurants. I went on a trip to the west coast when I was 22 that started in Seattle. It was a week-long trip where we drove the coast line of Seattle and Oregon and for whatever reason, I was craving nachos. I wanted nachos the entire trip, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked forward to each restaurant and the first thing I would check is their appetizers but I never found them. I had to wait until I got home, but by that time, the craving had passed.

I always think it’s strange that each area has its own food culture and what you find in one city is nowhere to be found in another. I’m sure when I describe my nachos, they don’t resemble either what you think nachos are or anything you’ve heard of before.

When my daughter moved to North Carolina, she had to explain what fry sauce (ketchup and mayo mixed together with just a touch of mustard normally used as a dip for fries) is to many of her classmates. On the flip side, they have something, a drink I think, that everyone goes gaga over, but she only thought was so-so.

How about you? Do you have a local food that you can’t find anywhere else? Do you like nachos?


8 thoughts on “N is for Nachos

  1. I am a wimp with hot food. Mild or medium at the most, but I love salsa. I also love lime chips.
    Really? No nachos out west? Strange.
    I know my part of Canada is famous for maple syrup, but I can’t stand the stuff.
    I’d more likely prefer Ketchup on my pancakes.
    Not the fluffy ones people are used to. More of a family recipe than a regional one.
    Love these food posts.

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