L is for Limeade

I had a completely different story to tell today about limeade, which is pretty amazing if I really think about it; that I have not just one story, but that I had another limeade story happen today that trumped the one I was going to tell. You’d think I lived an interesting life, when in fact, I’m pretty boring. How I keep coming up with stories for these challenges constantly amazes me.

So, we’ve had a really lame winter. I think it snowed maybe once during what should have been the winter months and then we started getting random days in February and March that would climb into the 80s. I’m thinking we should just start calling April our winter month, except that it really can’t make up it’s mind.

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day and I think we ended with a high somewhere in the mid 70s. Today, I met my son and my mom for lunch and it was a balmy 70 degrees. The wind was blowing hard, but things still looked pretty normal outside. I went back to work and in between sending emails and putting out fires, I noticed that every time I looked out the window, the sky looked different. It went from yellow, to gray to an even darker gray. The wind kicked up so much gunk and dust that it actually looked foggy outside.

By the time I went to my mom’s to pick up Andru, it was snowing and my weather app showed it was 39 degrees outside. Probably the worst part was standing outside waiting for the train with the wind blowing freezing rain all around us. By the time we made it to my car, Andru said he was “homesick” and just wanted to be home. I couldn’t have agreed more!

What, you ask, does this have to do with limeade? I was just getting to that!

While I was at lunch, my mom said she made a dessert. She was so excited about it. She said she thawed a quart of vanilla ice cream, added a can of thawed limeade concentrate and mixed it all together then put it into a graham cracker crust. It sounded delicious and I must have had that “why didn’t you bring some for me” look on my face because she offered to give me some when I picked up Andru.

Not only was it so cold outside I was shivering and I lost some feeling in my fingers because I seem to have really bad circulation, but then I decided I needed to eat this limeade ice cream pie while I was sitting on the train. Andru was finishing up his shake that he got at lunch and he kept laughing at me because it didn’t seem to affect him that he was eating ice cream while it was snowing outside. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be 11 again just so I could enjoy ice cream no matter how cold it is outside.

Limeade always makes me think of summer time and family picnics. Now I have another reason to like it. That pie was delicious, but I think I would have enjoyed it way more if it had still been 70 degrees and sunny outside.


7 thoughts on “L is for Limeade

  1. That pie sounds great!! Is that really all she did? Quart of ice cream and can of concentrate? I wanna make this!!

    When it’s warm, not snowing outside. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, no kidding! That’s what she said, although she called me this morning and said she was supposed to add sugar, but I just looked up limeade ice cream pie on Google, and it doesn’t say anything about sugar. I guess I like it tart and not too sweet. I was also thinking it would be good in an Oreo crust too. I’m definitely making it once it warms up. It’s still snowing here!! 🙂


  2. You are so sweet. Glad you liked it. I added the sugar and it tasted much better. I guess i is the tart that i do not like. That day was a great day. I enjoyed it a lot with Andru.

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    • I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I would like it with sugar, actually. I was also thinking an Oreo crust would be super yummy with it as well.

      I’m happy you had a good time with Andru. He really enjoyed his day. 🙂


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