K is for Kabobs

I’ve always really liked kabobs, but I have to admit to only liking a few things that can be found on them. I also realized, after meeting my boyfriend, that there are different types of kabobs. I grew up with the notion that you grilled kabobs with beef and/or chicken and vegetables. But there is also the Persian variety that is really just meat with spices and it’s almost like it’s wrapped around a stick and grilled that way. I’m not a cook, so I don’t know necessarily, but they are no less good, especially if you find a good restaurant. I’ve had some that were pretty bad, too, but I suppose you have to have the bad sometimes to really enjoy the good stuff.

At one of our sibling outings, we decided to make kabobs. It was also the time I tried my hand at Persian rice and failed miserably. We still ate it, but it had a slightly burnt taste that wasn’t all that appealing. Everyone at the table was so nice, too. I knew they were just being nice when they said it was good, because I could taste that it wasn’t.

We’ve had some yummy food at our dinners, but that night wasn’t one of them.

We made fresh kabobs with marinated chicken and beef and all sorts of vegetables. We even had an assembly line because whoever had the chicken couldn’t touch anything else and the same with the beef. So, I would put on chicken and shove the stick in front of my niece and she would throw on tomatoes and squash and onions, then I’d add more chicken or ask for beef from my sister-in-law. Laying on that tray with the marinated meat and fresh vegetables, they looked so good!

Then my brother took his turn with them on the too-hot grill and they ended up burnt to hell and raw in the middle. He’s not really to blame. He learned how to grill from my Dad. He doesn’t grill anything slow. It’s all high heat and burn the shit out of it. Not only that, we were all hungry by that point and I’m sure he rushed things a little bit just to keep us happy.

We all ate what we could, but it was a pretty horrible dinner. We all decided that if we ever did make kabobs again, which is highly unlikely, we would grill the vegetables separate from the meat and then we could put it all together during the eating process. It was a fun experiment though and some pretty fabulous company. I wouldn’t trade that night for the world because we all bonded and laughed and enjoyed the hell out of the experience, even if the food was pretty terrible.


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