I is for Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream,” is one of those sayings that I grew up hearing and saying, but I can promise you, if I hear my Dad say it these days, it’s more likely to annoy me than anything else. Not because I don’t like ice cream – I LOVE ice cream – but because my Dad will cling to a saying or a cute little poem and he will say it every time he sees you, sometimes twice, and it can get really old, I can tell you. I know he’s just trying to be funny and, I love you, Dad, but that is something that can stop, please, anytime. (I know that it never will and it’s actually one of those cute lovable things about my Dad)

Anyway, ice cream.

I could probably get really annoying with the adjectives here, letting you all know how much I love ice cream, but I think I’ll just try and stick to stories and my favorite types. I’ll try to keep the yummy goodness stuff to a minimum, although I make no promises.

I pretty much like all kinds of ice cream, I just really don’t like chunks of things in it. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I like certain types of chunks, but I really don’t like nuts, or fruit pieces or, I don’t know, weird stuff that shouldn’t be in ice cream. (I do realize this is subjective and some people like anything they can get in ice cream, but hey, this is about me and what I like. You will have your turn in the comments!)

My very first job was in a small mom-and-pop burger place by my house and they made fantastic shakes. I learned a few things when I worked there and one of them was a new and delicious way to make “chocolate chips” for the shakes. If you put hot fudge inside the ice cream then grind it up, it hardens and chips and becomes a “chocolate chip”. It’s my favorite way to eat a mint chocolate chip shake. I don’t mind actual chocolate chips, but they aren’t my favorite.

I love Oreo shakes and fruit flavored shakes with Oreos. I also love a simple bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup on top. This can be any kind of ice cream, but plain old vanilla bean or French vanilla is perfect. I also found some pumpkin ice cream a few years ago and can’t get enough of it. I wish they had it all year round, but I can only seem to find it around October. I also love a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top of warm apple crumble. God, I’m salivating just thinking about it!

I do NOT like bananas with ice cream. I always thought that was rather strange.

I’m always up for ice cream. Doesn’t matter what time of day or how much I’ve eaten, if someone says “do you want some ice cream,” chances are my answer will be a resounding YES!


10 thoughts on “I is for Ice Cream

  1. I love ice cream but it makes me all cold inside. Those shakes you were talking about are incredible. Also ice berg on 39th south and 9 east makes incredible malts. Remember going there? We used to go there a lot. Thanks for a wonderful post sweet girl!!

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