G is for Grapes

Until today, I had a food picked out and a little story to tell for each letter. I even put some notes in my phone and then proceeded to completely forget about the notes, but it didn’t matter because I remembered everything up until this letter. Today, I was sitting at work trying to figure it out when I decided to Google “food names that start with G” to help inspire me. I found three that I thought could work and even texted my boyfriend to help me pick one, but before he responded, I picked one myself because I thought of the story I wanted to tell.

The only thing is, the story was about wine and a fabulous trip I took a few years ago. By the time I got home, I was over-thinking it big time and had to look at food names that start with W to see if maybe I should save my wine story for that letter. I found something else for W, but then I ran across that note I had put in my phone. Guess what I found? A completely different food for the letter G. I have been sitting here for a few hours now, trying to decide what to do.

(Has anyone else gone through this trying to pick what to blog about for the challenge?)

But you know what? I’ve always told myself, especially about writing, that I need to go with my original idea; otherwise, I end up spinning my wheels.

So, grapes it is.

I prefer green grapes. I like the really big fat ones that don’t look like they are natural. Maybe they aren’t, but I still like them the best. The really weird thing is that I prefer red wine. How strange is that?

Jaxon, on the other hand, prefers red grapes, so those are the ones I usually buy. He decided one day a few years ago that he wanted to see how many grapes he could fit in his mouth. I think the count was ten or eleven and even though you can’t necessarily count what he’s got in there, we do have proof!

 Jaxon with grapes

I didn’t always enjoy wine. When I first started drinking, I never knew what to order at restaurants or bars so I always let other people do it for me. Without fail, I would have someone order me white wine, or offer it to me at a party. I think that’s why I thought I hated wine for so many years. It wasn’t until just after Jaxon was born that someone I knew shared her love of red wine with me and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I took a fabulous trip to wine country in California that I was planning to share with you today along with some fantastic pictures I ended up finding tonight, but I think I will save that for it’s own post later, maybe some time in May after we get through this challenge that has thrown me for a loop today.

Besides, I think that picture of Jaxon is all this post really needs.

I do apologize for being all over the place. I’m tired and not thinking entirely clearly. Maybe you can help me out with some of your grape stories in the comments.


11 thoughts on “G is for Grapes

  1. I too prefer green grapes and red wine! As for a grape story…… I had two Maine Coon cats who had unusual food preferences. One thing they both agreed on was green grapes. They hated the skin but if I cut them in half (the grapes, not the cats) they would spend an unusual amount of time licking the inside. My cats loved grapes!

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  2. Have some of those unnatural green grapes in my fridge as we speak, but I do prefer the blue ones, concord they are called. Excellent combination of sweet and sour.
    Hate red wine. I always thought it tasted like a table.

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  3. I love grapes only if they are not sour. If I taste one sour grape i will not eat any more from the batch.
    They can be green or red grapes. Loved the post and picture of Jaxon.

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