Teaser Tuesday – Bag of Bones

I’m not sure why I never really jumped on the Stephen King train. It was probably that short story I read years and years ago that scared the shit out of me. I read it on a trip to visit my sister in California and I remember staying up late one night to finish it. I was alone on the couch (everyone else was sleeping) in a strange house with a hot, strange air floating around me. I jumped at every single creak and crack and can’t even remember trying to sleep that night, although I’m sure I finally slept after I finished the story. It was The Langoliers, a short story in one of his books called Four Past Midnight. Not necessarily his scariest story, but it freaked me the hell out.

I am currently reading Bag of Bones and really enjoying it. There hasn’t been anything really scary about it yet, although the main character has had a few dreams that were pretty intense. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going to happen next.

I actually had a hard time choosing the teaser for this week. I know I’m supposed to open to a random page, but most of the time, I’m currently reading the book, and I would hate to open to a page and read a spoiler, so I usually note things as I’m reading and this time, I’ve noted at least four different passages. So, I guess I’ll pick one of those at random. (I asked Andru to pick a number from 1 to 4 and he picked 4)

So, the teaser is from page 81. I hope you enjoy.

“Stick around a little while, and life maybe only jabs at your cheeks and eyes. Stick around a long while and you end up looking like Jake La Motta after a hard fifteen.”

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