C is for Cherries

I didn’t mean to make this a food theme, but why fix something that’s actually working. I can’t promise to keep the theme up all month. I’m not sure there is food that starts with some of the more obscure letters of the alphabet, and even if there is, I can’t imagine I will have much to say about food I’ve never heard of or don’t even know what it is. I haven’t had much time to come up with the words for each letter, but I have a few and luckily, one of them fit today’s letter.


I do, in fact, like cherries; but I need to be more specific. I like fresh cherries. I do NOT like maraschino cherries. They are waxy in texture and have a manufactured taste that is pretty gruesome. I ended up using them in a recipe and as a garnish for some fantastic cupcakes I made for my daughter’s graduation party last year, so I suppose they are useful, just not very tasty. I found the recipe here and if you are any kind of baker, I would suggest trying out the recipe, especially if you like cherry and almond mixed together in a delicious cupcake. Here are the ones I made. They even almost look like the ones on the website!


I was going to use fresh cherries for the garnish, but they were so far out of season at the time that I couldn’t even find them; but even when I did end up finding them, they were like $7 a pound. Who knows? There might actually be a time that I want fresh cherries so badly that I will pay that price just to have the pleasure.

I also had a really great salad and Zupas the other day. It was their Kale and Quinoa salad and it has dried cherries on it. I’m not sure I would like dried cherries by themselves as a sort of fruity snack, but I do quite enjoy them on a salad with some yummy vinaigrette. (In case you’re in a place where they don’t have a Zupas [sorry Adelle], it is a soup, sandwich and salad place. Good stuff!)

The other great thing about a cherry is that it’s versatile. It’s used in scents and smells. I know my Jergens lotion is “cherry almond”, and my boyfriend bought me some smelly goodness at Bath & Body Works that has now become The Scent I Wear – Japanese Cherry Blossom. It’s actually pretty weird because I’m not one for a musky scent, but there’s just something about the body spray and lotion that I like on me. Does anyone else find it miraculous that scents smell differently on different bodies? I know it’s all about body chemistry but I’m not a person of science, so I find it miraculous.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on cherries.


15 thoughts on “C is for Cherries

  1. I have a large Montmorency Cherry tree in my backyard! The cherries are very tart, and I considered making a jam with them but never got around to it. My husband is not a fan of the tree. It makes too much mess, he says. The squirrels are always dropping cherries on the patio and it stains the stones. I love the tree. It’s beautiful. Provides ton of shade in the summer and between the blossom and the fruit, it is always colourful and happy.

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