Teaser Tuesdays – Intensity

Here I am, just making my way pretty quickly through another Dean Koontz novel. I’d actually probably be done with it if it wasn’t for the day job and my relationships.

Who needs those anyway, right?

The thing is, once you finish a book, it’s done. Finished. You’re left feeling bereft, like you lost a friend. Well, that’s how I feel after finishing some books, but not all of them. Dean Koontz is more like a roller coaster ride and when you’re done it’s almost a relief because your back aches and your head is spinning and you’re feeling slightly sick from the sheer movement, the twists and turns, the ups and downs and you can’t help but laugh out loud at the exquisite pleasure-pain that erupts through your whole being.

Okay, maybe I’m reading too much Koontz.

On to the teaser…

Today’s book is Intensity and I found the quote from page 85.

“He is willing to contemplate the possibility that the immortal soul exists, and that his own spirit may one day be exalted. But if he is to undergo and apotheosis, it will be brought about by his own bold actions, not by divine grace; if he, in fact, becomes a god, the transformation will occur because he has already chosen to live like a god – without fear, without remorse, without limits, with all his senses fiercely sharpened.”

This is part of Teaser Tuesday brought to you by Miz B of A Daily Rhythm. Feel free to click the link and join in the fun.


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