Endings Are Sad; What’s Next?

I can’t believe it’s March 1st already and I have to say, I’m sad to see February go. Not that I have any kind of weird relationship with February; in fact, I would say that I don’t really feel much of anything for February except that it can be a cold month here where I live and is usually a welcome precursor to spring; except that this year we’ve had a weird not really winter until just this week when apparently Mother Nature realized it actually was winter and now we are getting snow. Strange stuff.

But actually, the reason I’m sad is that the month long blog hop Love Is In Da Blog has come to an end. I’ve had a fabulous time writing poetry and basically just celebrating love in all it’s forms. Who knew there was so much love in this world, so many reasons to celebrate!

There is a part of me that is breathing a sigh of relief, though…

  • I won’t feel pressured to post something every day (I’m scared because now I actually have to come up with my own ideas for posts and what the hell am I going to write about every day?)
  • I won’t have to drag up memories that I feel might be better served staying wherever they were buried in the first place (There has been something really cathartic about exploring my love relationships and it has opened my eyes in many ways)
  • I think there were more reasons I was happy to see the blog fest come to an end, but they’ve suddenly floated away and all I’m left with is the realization that it has come to an end and I’m not at all happy about it.

I just want to say a huge shout out and a thank you to Just Fooling Around with Bee. Thank you for inspiring me; thank you for opening my eyes; thank you for helping me explore love in new and different ways and also for helping me to see the love I have now and how special it is to me in my life. It’s been an amazing trip and I cannot wait until next time!

Thank you to all my readers, old and new, for clicking on the follow button and making me feel so loved. I’ve found some amazing friends through my blog and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I will do my best to continue writing every day, if I can, or just as much as I can. If it ever becomes too boring or monotonous, feel free to slap me around a bit, or better yet, lead me to an interesting blog hop so I can have some guidance in this blogging madness.

I hope you are all ready for a fabulous week, but if it isn’t projecting fabulous, I hope you can find fabulous moments along the way.


10 thoughts on “Endings Are Sad; What’s Next?

  1. I actually feel the same about the ending of Love is in Da Blog, Like you I have found it stretching and difficult at times. Also like you I completely liberating . it is always a joy to join in with others and we always meet new bloggers. Thank for the good wishes have a good week too. 😉 xxxx

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  2. Hi Helen and thank you so much for taking part. It was a pleasure to explore love with you. Funny that not only Willowdot21 but me feels the same like you. On the one hand relieve not having to come up with something on the other hand sadness because it was a great experience and I met brilliant bloggers. I’ll stay around and send you a prompt if you need one 🙂

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  3. You have created some amazing posts on love. I am confident that you will find things to write about all on your own. Love you girl. Have a great day and keep smiling!!

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