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During football season last year, one of my son’s games was in Bountiful, which is about thirty minutes away from where I live. It’s not somewhere I go very often and usually I’m passing it by to head on to my sister’s house. It was on a weekend when I didn’t have my kids, so after the game, I found myself alone in Bountiful, not ready to go home because the boyfriend was busy getting the carpets cleaned or something.

It was at that point I remembered an old friend. It was a friend I had found about ten years ago but I hadn’t been for years, so I decided to drop in and see what was shaking.

Driving on main street reminds me of driving in a small town; it’s quaint, with shops on each side and a tiny little park. My friend is a tiny building on the corner with hand written signs and the contents spilling out onto the sidewalks on nice, sunny days. It’s called The Book Garden, a second hand book store. Walking into it is even better than walking into a library; it’s hallways are spilling with books in boxes and the shelves are stacked to the ceiling. There’s a basement that has even more books in the same sort of organized disarray and it smells of old, dusty books.

I love that place!

I finished another book last night and realized that they didn’t have one of the books in the series when I was there last, so I convinced my boyfriend to go with me today so I could look for it. It’s a slightly different experience when someone is with you, but no less enchanting for having company. I loved that I was able to walk around and look for what I wanted. Even if I didn’t find the exact book I was looking for, I still managed to leave with about ten books; and my boyfriend was a true gem, kept telling me I could have all the time I wanted and anything that would put a smile on my face and make me this happy was something we could always do more.

The lovely thing about this old friend of mine is how little it has changed in the last ten years. They’ve rearranged some of the shelves so the sci-fi section is in a different place than it used to be and there are more people at the counter because it is a whole lot more busy than it used to be; but one of the women at the counter has been there all these years and still has as much if not more knowledge about books than she did when I was there last. It still has the same feeling of peace and tranquility I’ve always felt walking into it.

I don’t think I could think of a better day than to spend it with someone I love in a place I love finding books, another thing I love and adore.

This is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill and Love Is In Da Blog hosted by Just Fooling Around With Bee. Feel free to click on the links and join in the friendship and love. Today’s prompt was friend/acquaint.

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15 thoughts on “Love and SoCS are in Da Blog – An Old Friend

  1. It’s great to find a place you enjoy so much in the first place, much less being able to rediscover it still there years later! Sounds like a place I’d enjoy very much too, and would be thrilled to know it’s still around. Too many favorite places close or move…great use of the SoCS post!

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