Love and Teaser Tuesdays Are In Da Blog – Books Make Great Friends

I took Andru to his parent teacher conference last week and afterwards, as is normally the case, we stopped off at the book fair to check out some books. Andru is very into video games and the only book he wanted was a how-to on setting up Minecraft worlds. I would have just bought that for him and walked away, but they were having a buy-one-get one sale, so we kept looking for something else. I told him I really wanted him to get something that was an actual chapter book, which I don’t think he was very happy about because it then turned into a half hour of looking at the same things over and over again.

In order to help out, I decided to try and find him some choices so I checked out the box that had his teacher’s wish-list books in it. Turns out, he wasn’t interested in any of those, but I was. I ended up buying one of the books for the teacher and one for myself. Andru ended up with something else that wasn’t a chapter book, but hey; at least he’s reading. And we bought four books instead of two, or one or none! Yay books! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m always behind the times a bit when it comes to reading. I’m always reading things that were in five years ago. The book I ended up buying for myself was Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt and I finished reading it today (it’s only 140 pages, so it didn’t take very long for me to read it once I started).

Tuck Everlasting

I’m going to basically turn this into a Teaser Tuesday post as well as an I love books and they are some of my best friends on my worst days kind of post.

I’m also going to tell you that this book was a breath of fresh air in my life right now and I enjoyed every moment it took me to read it. I loved the language of it; how Babbitt described the heat of August and the toad in the grass. I loved how she presented the Tuck family and their interactions with Winnie Foster, the main character. I even loved the ending (I happened to glimpse a short review that said they didn’t like how it ended). So, there you have it. My small review of a friend that was with me for a few short hours and delighted me more than I can say. I hope you will pick it up if you haven’t already because I think it’s worth it.

Isn’t there a movie? I think they made a movie…

I opened the book to page 44 and here’s the snippet I chose for you:

“So, the sun riding high now in the sky, they started off again, noisy in the August stillness, eating bread and cheese. Jesse sang funny old songs in a loud voice and swung like a monkey from the branches of tress, showing off shamelessly for Winnie, calling to her, “Hey, Winnie Foster, watch me!” and “Look what I can do!”

This post is part of Love Is In Da Blog hosted by Bee where our prompt this week is all about friends. It is also part of Teaser Tuesdays of Should be Reading hosted by Miz B. Feel free to click the links and join in the reading love!

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  1. Ah, I love it how you combine posts. I’ll keep Teaser Tuesday in my mind for next years “Love Is In Da Blog” which will be somehow different than this years ๐Ÿ™‚

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