Love Is In Da Blog – Loving Siblings

I love my siblings. Some of us are closer than others, which might have something to do with a huge age difference between my older brothers and sister. They were already grown and actually tended us sometimes when I was younger. We all stay in touch for the most part, but there’s only four of us who stay in regular contact… the total number is nine, just in case you were wondering; and I’m not the baby, but I’m pretty close to it. If you ever saw my younger brother, you wouldn’t think he was the baby. We call him “little brother” just to tease him sometimes because he’s six foot something and two hundred something pounds (I honestly have no idea how much my brother weighs and I’m not very good at guesstimating weight, but hopefully he’ll forgive me if I’ve grossly overestimated the numbers). Needless to say, he’s a big guy!

I’m lucky enough to call one of my sisters my best friend. We talk almost daily and there was a year or two not very long ago where I basically lived at her house. We just seem to get each other. If we haven’t talked in a while, you can guarantee one of us will be on the phone bitching the other out for not calling in so long. We’re only eighteen months apart so we haven’t always been this close. There was a lot of needless competition and misunderstandings when we were younger, but I’m happy we’re past that stage.

The best way I can describe the relationship I have with them is a post my brother put on Facebook a few months back. It was a picture that I’d seen floating around on my feed for a while, but my brother decided it would be funny to post the picture with only one comment: Helen Espinosa. I guess I’m that one sister. (Image courtesy of Etsy, although I have no idea if that is the original or not…)

I wrote a bit about them last year when my brother had this crazy idea to do Tough Mudder together. Since it was his idea and he and my sister had to talk me into it, it was pretty funny that I was the only one who could have actually done it when the time came. We ended up transferring our tickets to this year and I’m really trying to gear myself up for it, but it will most likely just be me this year too. It sounded fun when we were all going through the pain of training and talking about it and working towards it; going solo sounds like a lot less fun.

Where would I be without them? We’ve all been through so much in our own lives and growing up together and I’m happy to say we’ve sort of come back together in the last ten years and I couldn’t be happier.


This post is part of Love Is In Da Blog hosted by Bee. Today we were prompted with brothers and sisters. Feel free to click the links and join the love!


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