Love Is In Da Blog – Years and Back

Years and Back

Trying to stay composed
Trying to win her back
Back to what they once were
Back to their love
Love in stolen places
Love in subtle glances
Glances turning liquid
Glances becoming stares
Stares at the stars
Stares into the future
Future combined
Future plans
Plans not coming together
Plans falling apart
Apart at the seams
Apart for so long
Long to be together
Long to feel her touch
Touch of her hand
Touch of her lips
Lips meeting his
Lips fused in a kiss
Kiss that never ends
Kiss of the sun
Sun in his life
Sun waking him up
Up to the light
Up to meet his destiny
Destiny created
Destiny embraced
Embraced their love
Embraced his voice
Voice crying out
Voice loud enough to hear
Hear his call
Hear the endless longing
Longing for him
Longing in remembering
Remembering his smile
Remembering their time
Time to love
Time enough to laugh
Laugh at the moon
Laugh through the days
Days walking by each other’s side
Days melting into years
Years together
Years as one

Today, Bee prompted us to write a short story about a love affair. I decided to try my hand at another blitz poem since I had so much fun the last time and it is a kind of story poem. Do you like the Love Is In Da Blog posts? Feel free to click the link and join in the love!

Love Is In Da Blog


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