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I find myself at a loss today. I’m surprised I even opened up the computer to type something up; but here I am, trying to pull off some kind of miracle… I suppose it’s a good time to talk about how much I love my new job, especially since this is the month of love and I’d like to keep it a bit lighter today.

I’m not sure exactly how to do this without some sort of comparison to my last job which would in turn sound not as much like love. My last job wasn’t horrible, necessarily, it was just very different from anything I have had previously. But I can honestly say, at this point, that the environment you work in and the people you work with really do matter to your overall feelings about a job.

I already feel like part of the team and I love my boss. He walks by everyone’s desk every day and asks how things are and if we need anything; I’ve also already received several emails thanking me for the work I’ve done or for helping out. It’s refreshing to be in an environment with such nice people.

I also really like the work I’m doing. It will definitely be more work than I had in my previous job, but I was bored as hell probably 60% of the time over there, so I’m not sad about that. I’m just trying to figure out how to keep everything in my schedule – blogging, exercise, reading, writing, kids, boyfriend… can’t forget about my shows… Anyway, it may sound like a lot, but I feel like there’s plenty of wiggle room; I just need to make the time to do the things I love as well as being busy and fulfilled at work.

That’s about all I have today. I feel so boring…

I guess it’s good to take it down a notch and let things be simple every once in a while.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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