Love & SoCS Are In Da Blog – More Questions Than Answers

Why is it that the term love brings up such a broad spectrum of emotions? It does though, and it doesn’t matter what the love relationship is; it could be your child, your parents, your lover, your siblings, a friend; when you love someone, there are times it feels like you’re just pulled along by your own emotions and the struggle to find a balance between the (I hesitate to say good or bad) positive or negative ones.

I thought of a topic to write about today, but I’m struggling with the depth of it; it’s almost like it’s too much for my humble blog but it’s also something I think a lot about so I find myself torn…

Okay, I will go ahead with it, but I will do my best to tread lightly and… well, perhaps that’s enough of a warning.

I watch a lot of Criminal Minds, as I’ve mentioned, and I love the show, but there are times it touches on subjects that are really difficult. One thing they do quite often without getting too in depth about it is how to deal with the aftermath of finding out a loved one has done some terrible thing.

When I started contemplating opposing emotions, this is what I thought of even though I realize it is probably the most extreme and I think the worst extreme is finding out it was a child. How do you handle it? When you think of someone hurting someone you love, you want justice; you may even want to take justice into your own hands. But what if you found out one of your children hurt one of their siblings, another child? I can’t even imagine the depth of emotion this scenario inspires and I don’t know if I have an answer on how I would handle it personally; but it is something that has affected my life.

I suppose there always needs to be a balance when dealing with opposing emotions, but it isn’t always an easy thing to do.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that there isn’t a nice pretty answer you can tie up with a bow and walk away feeling like you accomplished something. This is one of those scenarios where no one really wins; no one escapes unharmed and everyone is left to wonder why or how or what…

Even as I’m thinking about it, I’m asking more questions than I am stating opinions. How can you love someone who does something horrible to someone else? How can you love someone who does a horrible thing to someone else you love? But I know the answer is, you never stop loving them. I’m just wondering at what point you say, I no longer want that person in my life, as much as I love them, I need to walk away from them. Is that ever the answer?

Why is it that we allow ourselves to stay in bad relationships, or relationships that do us emotional harm simply because we have a blood connection? How much should that factor into it? Or should it be about the positive aspects of what we have to offer each other? I know this isn’t always a subject that everyone agrees on and whatever you decide can come across as “not right” to someone else, but I think about it a lot.

I think the more comfortable we are with our own emotions and feelings; the more we can look at them and really know what’s going on underneath the surface, the better we can handle difficult situations. We can allow ourselves to have relationships with people who may not be good for us, but it’s okay because we can let it go. Maybe that’s what we are all striving to be; more accepting, more loving… But I honestly believe that in order to get to that place, sometimes it requires solitude. Sometimes it requires walking away from someone you love so you can find peace enough to let them back in.

I think I’m going to leave it at that. I feel like I’ve said a lot without saying much of anything and asked more questions than anyone has answers for.

I will reiterate that I do believe love is the answer for so many things. The more you love, the more it comes back to you; and maybe, even when looking at this particular subject, the more love you have in your heart, the easier it is to find the answers that keep slipping away.


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20 thoughts on “Love & SoCS Are In Da Blog – More Questions Than Answers

  1. Helen I am so touched by this . It sounds cheesey to say that I get what you are saying. Last year I spent a whole month writing on all types of child abuse for Child Abuse Awareness Month. It nearly broke my heart. I hated touching on such subjects but it had to be written and if it helpped one person then……………
    Well blogged Helen well blogged!

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  2. Wow this is a hard one but so well written. Thanks for sharing this. I have been badly treated by my father and have no contact to him anymore. It is as you said: I still love him but being around him wasn’t good for me and when I started to take good care of myself it became more apparent I had to step away. But there are no general answers to this questions. Everyone who is in this situation has to decide for themselves what is the best. And unfortunately it happens so often….

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    • I agree. I had to do much the same thing with my own father but it has been difficult because I do love him. I knew it was a heavy topic when I wrote it but sometimes even the difficult things need to be addressed. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing here. ❤️

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  3. I loved what you wrote. If my father was still here I am not sure how I would feel. I loved him but had to distance myself from him. I have always felt bad that i can’t look back and see a good relationship with him. There was bit one!!

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