Over-Thinking My Reading Challenge

I’ve had a difficult time with this prompt today and I’m thinking it has to do with what I think of when I examine the words “most” and “least”. It makes me think of some kind of competition where someone has the most of something while someone else has the least of it. Which is a pretty negative take on those words.

So, I tried to switch gears and think of it in terms of reading – when did I read the most amount of books, for instance. I’ve been thinking about reading a lot lately. It’s always been a part of my life but there are times when I read more than others. I enjoy having Goodreads because it allows me to track what I’ve read. Last year was the first year I posted every book I read to Goodreads. I have to say, I didn’t read half as much as I wanted to.

The downside of tracking books is that some books are longer than others. About five years ago I started a series and it took me fourteen months to read nine books, but all nine books were close to a thousand pages. Most of the books I read last year were, at most, 500 pages and at least 300. I probably could have read way more books in that range than I did of the thousand page books.

(I just have to point out that, without even thinking about it or planning it, I managed to use both the words in the last paragraph! How absolutely amazing is that?)

Not that this is any sort of contest about reading books; I was just thinking about challenging myself to read 50 books this year, but it’s sort of odd to think about the number of books without considering the total number of pages. Maybe I shouldn’t think too much about it. I just love reading and if I can push myself to do that over mindlessly watching TV because I signed up for a challenge on Goodreads, then so much the better.

I noticed on Goodreads yesterday that today is National Readathon Day, so I signed up to participate. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to join me and he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. Neither were my boys. The only one who was the least bit interested was my boyfriend’s daughter, but she is currently playing Minecraft and I’m wondering if she is still interested…

It started at noon and goes until four. I was blow drying my hair when Jaxon popped his head in and said, “Aren’t you supposed to be reading?” I pointed out that I had my book with me and that I would get four hours of reading in today, I just didn’t want to be so structured that it had to be in a specific time-frame. Am I the only person who reads while blow drying my hair? I don’t like wasted time, and I especially don’t like wasting time staring at myself in the mirror while my hair dries. I can usually get in a few pages while I’m shaking the dryer on my head.

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January both of which are hosted by Linda G Hill.


JJJ 2015


11 thoughts on “Over-Thinking My Reading Challenge

  1. I love to read. When we watch something on TV and a commercial comes on, I read during the commercial. Some how I can just tone it out. Crazy huh! Great reading. Thanks sweet girl.

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